Then she talks..

..and how.

Dear Buzz,

Before you were born everyone used to tell me, ‘Wait till you have her. The lack of sleep will get to you’. Maybe I was mentally prepared for it or maybe I did get enough sleep even though it was in small chunks, I never did mind it (at least not during the time frame people were talking about). Next came, ‘Wait till she starts crawling and walking’. I loved it when you first started to crawl and then walk. The way you used to come as quickly as you could when you spied me, the way you climbed up on my lap with a smile on your face. Up next was, ‘Wait till the terrible two’s start’. Well they were..are..not easy. How could they be when they hit when you were 15 months old rather than at 20 something months as for most kids (when do they end?? 3 years?? 4??), but we still found a way to handle them. We made things work by letting you have your tantrum time on the floor and with timeouts and loads of hugs and snuggles in between.

‘Wait till she starts talking properly’. How do I tell them, now that you have started almost talking properly, the fun I am having, the smile I carry with me all the time when you are around. The way you chime in at all the right places with ‘book padhi’, ‘nini kari’, ‘khana khaya’, ‘saare saare’, ‘bhaajo bhaajo’ and ‘good dog Carl’, during the Carl story. The way you say, ‘budhu bachche’ and ‘mumma pechay,’ during Fluffy duck. The way you ask, ‘Yeah kon hey?’,  just the way I ask you, before telling me who the animal is in your book. The way you question, ‘Yeah kya kiya?’ at the crease in the book, just the way I asked the time you folded the paper. The way you run to your Paa with, ‘Papa diaper change’ or with ‘Papa utho, bas nini’. Or the way you come to either of us and tell us, ‘All done’ as you try to pull us off the sofa, when you want us to get up and play with you.

As you make your demands for, ‘buberry’ or ‘apple’ or ‘onange’. As you sit in your corner playing by yourself, you sometime randomly say, ‘Oshit’ and your Paa and I stop in our tracks. You go on playing as if nothing has happened. Then then next minute you say, ‘Alligator’ or ‘Zebra’ or ‘Elishant’ and we break out in smiles, ‘aaah Ostrich’. As you say, ‘ubbing’ and we don’t understand you. We ask you to repeat over and over again till it hits us, ‘Oh tubing’ and the sheer relief on your face. I can’t help but be glad at how easy life has become because of all you can communicate and be happy at how you keep us constantly entertained. You now can tell us exactly what you want on one side and you keep us on our toes with trying to figure out what you are saying on the other.

There might come a time when you will talk non-stop and I would have enough of it. But for now, I am enjoying every little word that you speak (that it makes sense or not is a different question). So go on learn, talk, grow because your Maa is loving every minute of it.

Love you loads,

PS: When I hear you saying, ‘Mumma aagaye’ as I open the main door, I know I am home 🙂


74 thoughts on “Then she talks..

  1. I had something cheeky to say and then I read the ‘Mumma aagaye’ and I went all awwwww and forgot everything. You and my thangachi exist to make me demented. hmph 😀

    1. What?? We make you demented?? You have been demented since I have known you and even before if your old posts are something to go by.. We are the ones bringing a little bit of sane in your life 😀 😀

  2. Comfy pls do a post on buzz everyday 🙂 you really don’t the amount of happiness it gives to me 🙂
    Buzz dear loads and loads of hugs from shilpa aunty 🙂

  3. ‘Mumma aagaye’ = Sniff Sniff 🙂 u know what i mean.

    Very nice post comfy…like i keep saying am sure the MIL has sent u here to tempt me..

    Ok…i have one scary thought – wait till she becomes Revs 😛

    runs away fast

    1. I know..I know.. If I did not have the huge grin, I would be going sniff sniff for sure 🙂

      Oh Rev has provised to help me with Buzz as she grows old. I am so going to call her on that 😀 😀

    2. *clears her throat* Well, hello you two!

      Wait till Buzz becomes like Revs? You mean super awesome, independent, wise with an awesome sense of humor to go with it? Won’t Comfy love that or what?! 😉

        1. Yes Revs we meant all that and more

          *just being nice coz i just read you receovered from swine flu – wait till i loose the sympathy*

          Buzz baby – dont worry i am praying really hard for you.

          1. Nuttie no no, sympathy votes never work for me. We’ll go with the truth wonly – that’s the awesomeness that’s me 😉

            And Buzz baby would love to be like her Akhaaa(me me me!) Ask Comfy and see. Except for my choice in men(for which Buzz can follow her mother’s footpath), everything else is unbelievably good! Even my utter lack of modesty 😛

  4. LOL @ Oshit… 🙂 🙂

    Buzz is damn cute and her mommy is so so cute, as she is enjoying the wonderful and blissful time with the little girl. 🙂 Made me all smiles and go awwww with wonder. 🙂

    God Bless this bonding. 🙂 🙂

  5. Buzzie is shuper cuteeee…… 🙂
    Just’n don’t wait for anything comfy, only enjou your heart out with buzz baby as you have been doing….. 🙂
    Hugs to buzzie….. Love you sweetie, you are the cutest kiddo….

  6. Awwwwww blessss herrr dont know what to say other than buzz is making all of us here smile too. So many smilessss you should put more on buzz each day so we all can smile

  7. How cute! I loved the ‘oshit’ and what it eventually turned out to be cracked me up further. For a moment there I wondered which one of you she might have picked that up from! 😛

  8. Oh Buzz, you are such a sweet heart….

    I like “Oshit” and your Paa and I stop in our tracks.It reminds me about that insurance add when that Kid says “Czechloslovakia” and parents look back…
    I can imagine you guys.

  9. Aww she once again stole my heart with that “buddhu bache” sniff…sniff… at this rate am pretty sure I will go ahead and do the unthinkable! to have a baby gal just so that she keeps saying buddhu bache and Oshit 😥

    Comfy trust me…you can never ever get enough of their WISE talks 😛 The bigger they get the wiser and ROFL material their talks are. My 6 year old is an example to that who thinks he has a Anpad gavaar for a mom and patiently explains to me the way the world is :mrgreen:

    Muahh to Buzzy Pie

  10. This is the best part, being able to communicate so much. Almost all evening are spent with me and hubby smiling at each other with the new words spewing out of Avy’s mouth.

    Adorable Adorable time to enjoy with Buzz!!

  11. Awww, sweetness!!

    Paapu is on her second word (??) and we all go Yayyy!! Can imagine how great it must feel when they get better and better 🙂

    But, comfy, I’ll be a little sad when they babies stop being that and talk full sentences without any broken/incorrect words.

    You’ll be too am guessing..Haina?

    1. Oh yes..that is there.. Buzz is correcting most of her words now.

      babu changed to ladybu
      nana moved to banana
      and now tataie is butteshy.. 😥

      D is teaching her to say tataie again and she very promptly says, ‘No papa buttershy’

      Two kind of sad parents this side 😦

  12. Hi Comfy,

    This post made me want to run home immediately and cuddle my son.

    My son says ‘Aww you’ for ‘Love you’ and ‘weet dreams'(sweet dreams) to my ‘Miss you’ and any other form of greetings.

    They are so adorable at this stage. As AHK mentioned, I am sure going to miss his talk when he starts talking in full sentences. But then, if he doesnt as a parent we might get worried as to why he is still not talking properly 🙂

    Lots of hugs to Buzz and why no more quizzes on Buzz talk????

  13. Ohhh.. this is such a sweet post …and I can’t agree more with the post …terrible toos are very terrible indeed ..but still its so worth it ..its so good to hear them talk …and I also feel very bad if I cannot understand what my son is trying to say…and feel like whole word lights up when finally figure out what he is saying ..

  14. Aww! Buzz is so adorable! Brought back memories of my daughter at that age 🙂 Such a sweet, sweet post!

    ANd now when she talks – non-stop, I have to admit, I do wish sometimes that she came with a mute button 🙂 ANd then I grab her and kiss her feeling guilty that I even want her to stop talking 🙂

  15. Aww how cute!!! I love the mumma aagaye part 🙂 nothing like coming home and hugging your kids tight at the end of the day.

    Btw I have to say one wait till you… R says “i love you so much Mommy” spontaneously and it almost makes me burst into tears everytime to hear it in words 🙂

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