Singing Saturday – Tum ko dekha to

As much as my one fav. song above all else and Buzz’s all time fav. song both are from much as I like the songs of much as I am not too fond of Chitra Sing’s voice which makes up bulk of the songs in Arth and Saath Saath..Arth/Saath Saath wins over Ghar/Masoom as my fav. album from the legendary movie combination albums by HMV.

When the song goes:

Aaj phir dil ne eak tamanaa ki
aaj phir dil ko humne samjhaya

I wonder is there anyone who does no go through this..tamanaa samjhana..bit in their life.

When Jagjit Singh sings:

Tum chale jaaoge to sochenge
hum ne kya khoya, humne kya paya

I look back at my last day in college and see eyes of my junior fill out as these words came through. I remember the subtle way she showed how much she cared, had my eyes brimming up as well.

When I hear:

Hum jise gunguna nahien sakte
waqt ne aisa geet kyoin gaya

I ask that very question..waqt why do you sing such a song?


36 thoughts on “Singing Saturday – Tum ko dekha to

  1. What beautiful lines
    One of my favourites gazal..

    Zindagi dhoop tum ghana saya …

    but yeah life always makes us sing the song which we cant sing


  2. Hey
    It’s a very innovative blog, in terms of songs you love. It’s an awesome song and thanks fr giving such a lovely introduction to newbies on ur blog. Im feeling very romantic.
    Thumbs up for ur background colour and innovative handshake pic.

  3. I love love love love this song and the movie! That was an era when Jagjit Singh/Chitra singh churned out some real pearls! Theres one song which is my favorite, let me share it here

  4. wonderful song..reminds me of a roomie of mine who used to sing this song everytime her love was coming over…

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