Paaah..this Maa..

Hey Everyone,

Lest you forget all about me, I thought I would stop by and write to you so that you all can go talk to Maa. She is driving me crazy I tell you.

I look up with a big smile and tell her:


She turns around and says:

O, the letter O

I repeat:

Mumma circle!!

but she keeps saying O. So I say ‘circle O’ and move on to tell her:

Mumma dusra O

And she smiles and says:

No Buzz Q. The letter Q.

I give up and pick another book:

Mumma Oval

But never to agree with me Maa tells me:

Zero, yeah zero hei

Sigh!! Now you all know what I am dealing with? What am I to do? Maa teaches me one thing one day, then goes and changes it on me the next. I bet she does not know anything anyways. Why else would she tell me different things every other day. Can some of you please go teach her a few things so that I can learn as well. 



46 thoughts on “Paaah..this Maa..

    1. Aww.. mum and buzzie driving each other crazy in circles 😆 😆
      Com’on comfy stop confusing the little fairy and teach her the lower case of alphabets before the upper case so that she stops getting confused in the freezing winters 😛 😛
      Hugs to the confused little fairy 😀 😀

  1. Oh buzzie you are confused with so many circles, aren’t you… Don’t worry i’ll tell you a simpler way… A circle is O, a circle with a leg is Q and egg/ oval is zero…. Does that helps you Sweetie…

  2. Drat! I sympathise with you Buzz. These adults I tell you! Hmmpff!
    You stick to your O. Let’s hope your Maa realises you are right! 🙂

  3. Ummm buzzz now even i am confused. Can’t change your mum…but maybe u can refuse to answer her??

    and btw what do u mean…lest u forget me…US forget u…Blasphemy…little angel!

  4. he heehe i like it.. the little one is confusing Mum or is it the other way .. hmmm now me confused tooo..

    Cum on MUM JI concentrate .. see what the little one is saying and asking …

    Q nahin hai TWO CIRCLES hainnnnnnn 🙂

    he he he God bless her

    1. Dusra is one of her fav. things to say.

      ‘Mumma eye’ as she points to one eye..’Mumma dusra eye’ as she points to the other one..and so it goes for ear, cheek, hand, leg..and on and on.. 🙂

  5. Dear Buzzie, things may seem complicated but they are actually simple. Just hang in there and you’ll be learning things fast like no one. All the best. We love your posts, write more often here. 😀

  6. Shoo away Comfy Ma …let Buzz enjoy this time. Padhai ke liye jindagi padi hain 😀

    Buzz honey, you enjoy your time; and if maa does too much ; just wag your tongue at her; and if she rolls her eyes ; and say a puppy face “soddy” and she will melt in a poodle. But you already know all this right ? 😉

    { runs away fast }

    1. She picks up books on her own because she loves them Misty
      -Comfy Maa

      Misty, this Maa is mean..she gives me timeout if I do something she thinks is disrespectful. You don’t want that for me do you 😐

      1. Dear Buzzie
        Work is stressing out Maa Hon.
        You should work with Akka ( who is master of naughtiness) and come up with some interesting plan for mean Maa 👿

  7. Buzzy Buddy me thinks your momma is going nuts working as a Code Churning Machine :mrgreen: Don’t ya worry it’s the rule of the Universe that everything goes around in CIRCLE, so whatever you see is definitely a circle and nothing else. Psst psst look closer and watch Momma’s eyes after reading my comment… Do you see a big big CIRCLE now? 😯

  8. omg so much cuteness ive missed 😀

    buzz baby…you are so sweet and smart…never mind your maa, she might not know what she’s talking about 😛 you go, my darling..learn your Os and ovals the way you want to; circles and Qs can wait… muah

  9. Oho your little Mumma is just stressed out Buzzie … and so she appointed me to tell you this :mrgreen: .. that is not O but egg yes little round ones and yes the small o o are for you to conenct and make eyes n specs out of them .. letters are only unfinsihed drawings baby .. go fill up books … :mrgreen:

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