For everything else..

Researching for and buying a toy – 150 mins

Playing with the said toy – 5 mins

Cleaning up all the books and toys to some order – 60 mins

15 mins of me time while every toy and book is thrown around – Priceless


44 thoughts on “For everything else..

  1. 150 mins for buying a toy…. hats off to the patient mom…. 🙂

    The me time is always priceless…. 🙂

    Happy new year comfy and to cute buzzie baby too… 😀

  2. Someone has copied brown background colour idea from MY blog 😛 Shame on you Comfy! Can you not think of something on your own? 😛

  3. Me time always becomes a rarity with little ones around. Those 15 mins are priceless I am sure. 😀 Though I know you don’t really care about that :P.. not when Buzzie is around.

  4. U have patience to research for a toy for 150 long mins!! GOD!! I am stunned!! Next time if i wanna buy toy I will surely consult u, the expert!
    ANd ME time its truly priceless!!

  5. lol…as i keep telling you…send her here for a while and have all the me time you want…i’ve had enough me time, wont mind some buzz time 😛

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