What comes after

D’s birthday is coming up. Comfy is busy teaching Buzz to say

Happy Birthday Papa

Ever so often when D is not around

Comfy: Buzz bolo ‘Happy’
Buzz: Buday

Then one day Akka wants Buzz to learn

I love you, you love me, we are a happy family

That evening

Comfy: I
Buzz: Aaee
Comfy: love
Buzz: lub
Comfy: you
Buzz: yoooo
Comfy: a
Buzz: a
Comfy: happy
Buzz: Buday


Comfy singing ‘Jingle Bell’ for Buzz. Buzz is all smiles.

Comfy: Jingle
Buzz: Jingle
Comfy: bell
Buzz: bell
Comfy: a
Buzz: a
Comfy: one
Buzz: two


 So much for obsessing over teaching her things. She learns and how 😀 😀

52 thoughts on “What comes after

  1. Buzz baby let Deez teach you something- put your tongue out, touch that cute nose with your thumb and enact playing piano with the other fingers and say ‘aaaaa’ 😀
    Easy peasy 😀

    {runs away}

  2. Squishy hugs to the cutest kid on the block .. 🙂 … hope she has a year filled with wonderful learnings and loads of love from everyone around 🙂 (*and yes those nice time seasoned with her naughtiness not to forget* 😉 )

    Have a woinderful year ahead Comfy … to both u n D!

  3. So cute….enjoy all the lessons Mommy dear. Its a proud moment to see the baby learn and recite things. 🙂 🙂 Special hugs to Buzz, for learning them all correct. 🙂 🙂

    Happy New Year, Comfy and wishes to all your loved ones too. 🙂

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