Pees: A week or so in to starting daycare she first signed please. A couple of months down the line the words followed at all the right places. When asking for milk or a toy or a book to read. Now ever so often she is seen standing below a slab, hands stretched above her head trying to reach something, all they while saying

Pees Pees

Tanku: Took a while to get the words out. But once they came they were used for everything. As I hand her milk, when the door is opened for her as she steps out, after she has been dressed. Now as I empty the dish washer she runs to hand me the spoons to keep away in their place. Soon after I take them from her hand she says:

Tanku Mumma

To which I respond:

Thank You Buzz

Big smiles are exchanged before we redo the whole thing over again.

Wecome: For every Tanku she tells us we respond with a

You are welcome

She picked it up real soon. Now she waits for less than a second for a Thank You or a welcome. If none is forthcoming she goes on her own

Tanku, wecome

and keeps at it till you respond in kind.

Bess You: The birthday song is her new favourite, were demands for the song are made every 5 mins. As soon as the first paragraph is done Buzz chimes in

Bess you

and I continue to sing

May God bless you..

Every sneeze and even every single cough gets a

Bess you

Soddy: It took her a LONG LONG time to say the words out. Time outs, tears, tantrums on the floor, everything was endured to avoid saying one small word. Till, till she figured out the minute Soddy is out of her mouth, everything magically becomes all right..Maa and Paa stop being angry and give her a hug. Now for even a perceived, might get her into trouble, act has her going:

Soddy Mumma, Soddy Papa

Soddy is our new favorite word which for now is cracking Maa and Paa up. How long will we find it amusing is yet to be seen.

60 thoughts on “Soddy

  1. Wow all of this much and so much courtesy in speech… good going little girl.. 😉 n she has learnt to the magical word Soddy! wohoooooo


  2. Lol..2 cute comfy…i think Buzzie pie will be the reason i throw off my anonymous cloak and ask u to do fraandship on facebook…just so i can see her!!!

    Coochie baba she is. pees pees tell her that

  3. I picture a little girl saying ‘Bess you’ and it makes me melt into a puddle of mush.

    I know if I were around, I’d keep sneezing repeatedly just to hear her say that 😀

  4. AND AND AND you evil parents kept telling us that she NEVER says ‘Sorry’. Then one day, Akka and Buzz have a skype date and Akka asks her to say Sorry among other words and she cutely goes ‘Soddy’. Such liars Maa and Paa are!! 😛

  5. Don’t you feel like keep on sneezing for that “bess you” 🙂

    Btw madam ok agreed that no pics of Buzz .. in total respect of your privacy .. can we have an audio clip at least pees … like papi pees 😥

  6. Aww! That is the cutest! It took me back a few years 🙂 It is the cutest, isn’t it, when they start saying all this 🙂 And then they grow up 😦 And start saying it all properly 😦

  7. Pees buzz dear keep up the good work. May god bees you. Comfy my day starts now and I will be smiling the whole day thinking about pees, bees and soddy. 🙂

  8. Bess you darling Buzz!! Awww she is a darling, Comfy!

    You know these li’l utterances remind me so much of Namnam when she had started talking. Those words were so cute that there were times when I wished I didnt have to correct her…I just wanted to hold those moments right there! 🙂 🙂

  9. aww the soddy is sooo cute!! it reminds me of my bro at that age when he once told us very gravely,

    “load pe laat mein saali light jal jaati hai”

    i dont think im ever going to let him forget that! 😛

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