Sun + Water + Relax = Vacation

As we work on getting all the sand out of our hair a quick look at the wonderful vacation that was:

Day 1: D and Comfy  are all smiles for how good Buzz was during the 6 hours ail-pain (now upgraded from a-pain) ride and are looking forward to the warm sun soaked days after all the cold and rain and snow, land at the destination. Buzz less than an hour in to the grand vacation: ‘Aaaa Daaann Sun, no Sun’.
After dealing with car rental and grocery shopping they get to the condo to find that the patio opens to a cove of a secluded beach. And just as they look on the sky turns brilliant red with the setting sun.

Day 2: Super excited about the almost private beach D and Comfy walk out the patio and on to the sand and towards the ocean holding Buzz’s hand. Buzz: ‘No Paani..Mumma no paani’

Day 3: D gives Comfy a kiss as he gets ready to head out for his jump from a plane. Buzz who watches the exchange pouts her lips for a kiss as well. Never faced with any of this, a perplexed D gives her a kiss on her cheek. The pout stays in place. He then gives her a kiss on her nose which she deems is all right and smiles big and says ‘Bye Bye Papa’.
D and Comfy think it is time for l’il Buzz to don her swimming costume and lap up the waves. The costume part goes of well and Buzz is all excited. The lap up the wave part not so much, ending with Comfy having to wash the costume ASAP.

Day 4: Sees Comfy going in to the water, snorkeling mask and fins in place, for the first time during the vacation, while Buzz watches on, only to have Buzz cry out ‘No Mumma, no paani’ the minute she takes the first plunge. With the crescendo of the cry rising with every second she spends in water, snorkeling is given a miss.

Day 5: D is out snorkeling longer than usual. Buzz goes as close to the water as she thinks is safe every few minutes and screams ‘Aajaao Papa. Aaaa Daaann’. When D finally comes out he is grinning ear to ear. ‘I found a turtle and swam with it back and forth. I even saw him fart. There were a lot of bubbles’ Comfy is told.

Day 6: Comfy family head out for a trip to see a little more of the island. D makes a game out of kicking the water every time a wave comes and Buzz joins in. The one and only time she goes in to the water of her free will.
Comfy finally gets to snorkel in this place with shallow shallow water as D holds Buzz up and walks in the water showing Buzz where Maa is at all times.
The day ends with Buzz chanting ‘Phasta’ as the family makes their way back home only to fall asleep before getting there. D and Comfy make and eat the said ‘Phasta’.

Day 7: Is about heading out of the condo and in to the main town for a couple of days of real touristy part of the vacation. And about watching the ocean and it’s waves, sunset and it’s colors, the main beach and all the people there from their 19th floor hotel balcony.
Oh and uber spicy but amazing Thai food.

Day 8: D heads out for Surfing lessons and catches waves after waves or so Comfy is told, while Comfy hits shopping stalls with Buzz for company. An oyster pearl pendent, a silver turtle pendant, four bookmarks, a Hawaiian dress and 3 T-shirts for Buzz are bought is less than an hour.

Day 9: Comfy and Buzz sit and watch D try and catch some waves on his own with marginal success before it is time to pack up and head back home.

Days spend relaxing in the sand with Buzz pulling her sand toys basket to the beach shouting ‘Outside’ every time she wanted to go out and ‘Aaaa Daaann’ every time she had had enough of the sun which happened every 20 or so mins. Candle light dinner for two to the sound of waves crashing on the sand after the little hurricane was put to bed. A perfect vacation 🙂 🙂

48 thoughts on “Sun + Water + Relax = Vacation

  1. a-pain 😉

    ahem,ahem…candle light dinner for two 😛 and stop calling her a hurricane…hmmpf..sweet little mera baccha 🙂

    YAY that you’re back and recharged 🙂

  2. More than a week on the same island in Hawaii? AWE-EFFING-SOME!! 😀

    We kept spending a few days on one and moved on to next. Your post tells me the best practice next time 😉

    The description sounds so wonderful Comfy..and the aa-daan every 20 mins sounded cute ( must have been the tough part too 😀

    Pics coming up in WW posts am hoping 🙂

    1. We did the island hopping last time. This time we did not want to with Buzz..packing up..returning the car..going to the next island..renting a car..checking in.. Too much work with her. So found a relaxing condo on the beach and stayed put 🙂

      aaa-daaan was not too bad because we were right on the beach so she could walk in and out as she liked 🙂

      Yup pics coming for the next entire year WW 😛 😛

  3. Hawaii ???? Oh so lovely…the perfect vacation, yes. 🙂 🙂

    Its so nice to see sun and beach, after being in cold and snow. Glad u could head out to Hawaii, the best place on Earth…. 🙂 🙂

  4. MY %^&*&^%$ing reader conveniently skipped all your posts… and here I was sending you email to update your blog 😐

    then i thought you needed a break and so I shouldn’t disturb 😐

    Not fair… sulk sulk sulk 😦 😦 😦

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