History repeats..yes it does..

One cold, near freezing winter morning, a 3 year old boy sat with his 10 month old sister on a daybed in the balcony soaking in the sun while their Mom sat on a stool next to the bed. A balloon being the entertainment of the hour got thrown around amongst hoots of laughter. As is bound to happen with a balloon it fell down. The boy and the mom bend down to pick it up from under the bed. While the little girl in all her 10 month old glory thought the balloon fell down from the balcony, stood up on her tiny unsteady legs to peer down. Since the balloon was nowhere to be seen she leaned a little bit further. And as is bound to happen went flying down from the railing, to hit her head on the bicycle carrier and then on a manhole cover.
The frantic mom ran down the stairs. Amongst a loud wails and streaming tears the girl was picked up and rushed to the doctor. Somewhere during the rickshaw ride, between the house and the doctor’s office, the girl feel asleep in her mother’s arms. She was looked over by the doctor and send back home with the still in tears mom reassured that girl would be just fine. The big lump on the head will go away in a few days and there was no serious damage


One cold, snowy winter morning a toddler is getting ready to head out to daycare with her Maa and Paa. She wants her breakfast and is running circles around her parents. Wants to be picked up. Wants to be let alone to be able to run around. Wants to stand on the kitchen counter. Paa continues to ask her to slow down which she refuses to listen. In between trying to go from being held to get to the kitchen counter she jumps. As is bound to happen fell head first on the hardwood floor.
Frantic calls are made to the doctor, just as the cry changes to sobs and the sleep takes over.


While I was pregnant every time talk of names came up, the most common joke among us friends was ‘Name her Comfy V2.0*’ and add ‘SP1**, SP2 and so on with every major fixing up she will need’. Yeah yeah geeky jokes I know so don’t dare roll your eyes. As much as one jokes about these things as a parent they are never easy on you. And this was not even something major, more like a computer blue screen. But yeah history does repeat. I did it to Maa, Buzz went and did it to me. And going by what all I put Maa through, I have so much more of this coming my way. Need to get nerve of steel 😐

PS: She is doing fine. Running around. Playing. Talking non-stop. It is Maa who is all shook up.

* Version2.0
**Service Pack 1


77 thoughts on “History repeats..yes it does..

  1. Hugs to you comfy. I am so glad that Buzz is back to her normal self. Such incidents scare the hell out of us parents and get us worried a lot. The joys and troubles of parenthood…sigh !

    Lots of love to Buzz..

  2. OMG…you fell from the balcony? OMG 😦

    Thank God for that,that you were safe then and here with us now 🙂

    Oh maa Buzzie baby fell on her head too 😦

    You said it right comfy…you need a nerve of steel 😦 But is it easy to get it from somewhere ? 😦

    Isn’t it correctly said that to experience what a mum goes through-happy or sad feelings-you’ve to be a mum yourself ! Sigh..wise things they keep saying !

  3. omg thank god buzz is okay!!!

    If history does repeat itself…I shudder to think of my future! I’ve given my mom enough grief thru life…!!

  4. OMG… Buzz fell on her head…:( Glad to know that she is fine now… Hugs to buzzie and to mommy too…

    P.S. – One thing is for sure that Buzz has gone completely on her mom… 🙂

  5. oh god.. God bless the little one

    but dont worry kids are like that , she will be stumbling , its all growing up, the amount of times i ahve fallen you wont beleive ..

    She is growing up , and yeah do need nerve or steeel …

    do take care of her and chilllaxxxxxxxxx
    thats what kids are suppsoed to do jump fall get up and then jump again


  6. That first incident really shook me up, Comfy. At 10 months, u surely did knew to make ur mom panic. How many SPs do u have ???? 😉 😉

    Thank God, Buzz is all fine and running around…to get hit on the head is quite a scary thing…but do take care, dear. 🙂

    And lots of hugs to the Mommy to make her feel better….

    History continues to repeat… 😉

  7. awwww the first fall is always difficult to deal with and slowly one starts to get used to of them… at three years I think there is little that can shake me up now as far as physical injuires and falls are concered…its a everyday routine now 😦

  8. lol @ Version 2 SP1 😀
    But of course its never easy on parents..such incidents. And you fell from the balcony!! Must have been the scariest thing for your mom..
    We hear all sorts of chidren’s accidents and try to be ever so careful and alert…but cant prevent them from getting hurt… while doing all sorts of things… esp Adi!!
    Glad to know Buzzie is fine now 🙂

  9. Scared me, the first fall. And I instantly knew it would be about Buzz in the next.I jumped to read the last line, read she was doing fine and running around and then read the second fall.

    Much easier this way 🙂

    take care, you both. and blow her a kiss from me. :*

    1. Yes I did..one entire floor. Was not very nice to Maa was I..and this was not my only fall from one enitre floor either.. 😀 😀

      I am know as a cat (with nine lives and all that) for a reason 🙂 🙂

  10. You fell from the balcony? Goodness! I can imagine how your mom must have felt.

    Thank God Buzz is fine! I had the exact same experience with my daughter – she fell head first from the sofa, when she was 9 months old 😦 Curiousity – she leant forward, and before I knew it, she was on the floor 😦 I can’t tell you how distraught I was. Another time, she fell and cut her head, and I was the one bawling when I saw blood 😦 She was fine in a minute. I was a mess until we reached the emergency and got her sorted out.

    I wonder how many more of these we have to endure before they grow up 🙂

  11. So yu mean to say Anarkali will also put chalk up her nostrils to see if she can breathe through her ears n will put her head through window grill to boo the street dog n get stuck? 😯


    *wakes up n huggs Buzz*

    *faints again*

  12. Oh Thank Good God!
    Scary..I can imagine.

    Yep, gottu get nerves of steel.. going by what all our moms went through 😉

    BTW, I think the SP2 wala version will be so much more manageable 😀

    1. yep me too came here to check .. hope all is wel 😉 n Buzz is good too 😀 (Ok means all is well doesn’t include Buzz .. Whatever!!! i need wren n martin now!)

      1. girlies comfy is in her comfortable best right now 🙂 holidaying and all that jazz you see 😉

        Oh but how I miss her and the posts here…come back you silly…come back soon !

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