Mumma Oh no..

At the end of the day, about half an hour before her bed time, the two of us lie down on the couch and play our fav. game

Mose.. points to her nose

Mumma mose..point to my nose

Papa mose..points in D’s direction

Eyes..points to her eyes

Mumma eyes..pokes my eye..I have learned my leason to promptly close my eyes the min I spy the finger coming.

Papa eyes..

Jeebh..shows her tounge

Mumma jeebh..I show her mine

At this point both of us break in to giggles.

Baal..pulls (and I mean pulls) on her hair

Mumma baal..runs behind me and pretends to play hide and seek by peeping out and saying ‘Hi Mumma’ all the while touching my hair (she is not allowed to hair..hence the big game).

And so she goes. Where we move on to pointing to chin and cheek and shoulders and stomach and haath and fingers and paaoin and knees and toes. From where we move on to ‘Wheels on the bus’ with ‘mumma bus’ to ‘Slippery Fish‘ where she puts both her hands on her face with every ‘Oh no’. Then promptly turns to me ‘Mumma Oh no’..and places both her hands on my face.

And Maa melts in to a puddle.  Not a bad way to finish up the day is it? Not a bad way at all 🙂


44 thoughts on “Mumma Oh no..

  1. Will a box full of those sandals you liked on my blog in different colours (of course in the size you specify) entitle me to a glimpse of Buzz? 😥 Comfy am dying to see her what with all that suspense and thriller like posts you do about her!!

    Let me search if you are on FB, Orkut or any other such place where I can privately butter you up :mrgreen:

  2. for me it’s the start of the day and as always thanks to Buzzie darling 🙂

    P.S. correct the last line..make it Not from No 😀

    That’s why I’ve heard working women saying that at the end of the day when you see your child and spend time with her/him the slogging you did is vanished from your head and face 🙂

    Muuuwah to Buzz!

  3. the little one is having the time of her life

    the wheels on the bus go round and round
    round and round
    he hehe I still remember the poem awwwwwww

    and another one i loves was
    WE are going on a hike (or something like that )
    We are going on a hike

    what do we see
    we see a Big Bear what does he do

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr roaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr

    he he he he he

    Brings me back to my childhood memories, oh man i want to go back there be the little buzz once more CAN I


  4. End your day?? Man with a ritual like that I’d be all recharged to take on life again.

    Gee Comfy what did u have when u were pregnant that u have such a honey bum around *touchwood* 😀

  5. Awww…that is the sweetest way to finish the day! Any mum would melt in that ‘‘Mumma Oh no’..and places both her hands on my face.’ :). She is a cutie-shweetie pie, Comfy! Touchwood!

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