Dear Buzz,

The past few weeks I have been doing a lot of looking back and missing all the little things you did, say a year back. I went through all the pictures we have taken of you till date and could not believe how much you have grown. Your Paa and I sat and reminisced about this or that, felling sad that our little girl was growing up too fast.

As I stand in the kitchen brooding about all this, I hear your quick footsteps as you run upstairs. Your Paa and I looked at each other with a smile on our faces. You are up from your nap. You come down, demand to be picked up and the minute you are in my arms, you give me a hug and don’t let go. You hold on to me for a good 5 mins while I smother you with kisses, when it hits me, ‘I don’t mind this at all’. And just like that I am back to enjoying all the things you do currently.

The running behind each other, the pretend hide and seek behind the sofa, the spinning in circles, the helping me while I put your toys in their right place, the saga called potty training, the playing with spoons as I load the dishwasher, the fake crying when you are given a timeout, the super sweet ‘Hi Mumma’ when you want something bad, the splashing together as I give you a bath, the fit you throw if I don’t hand over clothes to place in the washer and dryer while I do the laundry, the high heel sandals of mine that you wear and try to walk around in, the endless books you want to read, the roaring like a lion while walking on all fours, the trying to say everything that is said to you, the demand for Roti, the pointing to the phone when you want to talk to your Nana/Nani, the please..thank you and grudging sorry that you say, the wanting to be held endlessly.

All things unique to the present you. All things I would not trade for anything in the world. So today even when my heart gives a thud as you move on to calling ladybug dadybu rather than your customary baboo or nana changes to banana, I remind myself not to panic. You might outgrow certain things but along with that you will bring new reasons to smile in our lives. You are growing and very fast at that, but the joy you bring stays just the same. You fill our world with laughs. You make us a stronger family. We might give in to melancholic every now and then but we are ever so thankful to have you with us, growing bigger, growing independent, growing stubborn every day.

Stay the same mischievous, adventures imp sweetheart. Stay happy, stay healthy always.

Loads of love,

PS: Below the stove is really not a good hiding place for your toys. Trust me on that.


78 thoughts on “Joy

  1. Wow… am curious as to what goes under the stove 😛 … man she’s learning tricks well and the little angel helps u soooooooo much and you still give her time outs 👿 …. grrrr

    btw COmfy .. better solution than giving into melancholy .. have Buzzie 2 😛 .. what say?

    1. What goes under the stove..well we try everything but the thin things go in..and then we push HARD so that go to the very end and Maa has to really work to get them out.. 😐

      Buzzie 2 😮 You don’t like me do you..?? 😡

  2. he he hehe I like him.. chakk de fatttteeeeeeeeeeeeee .. aree the kiddy is having the time of his lifeeeeeeeeee

    oh i wish i could go back to tahat age… maybe i can teach him a few tricks.. myself

    nice one
    God bless him way to gooooo kidddyyyyy

  3. Aww aww aww for all that Buzz is and does.

    I am speechless again, Comfy. Your writing, especially Buzz posts, make me misty eyed. There’s just something so beautiful to the way you describe things in posts like this. So so so beautiful.

  4. Aww she is super sweet and growing up so fast!! As long as she keeps on doing such cute stuffs and you keep posting it, am gonna cherish every single moment of our Buzzy’s growing up years 🙂

    Ps: I used to hide my brother’s toys in the oven, hoping someone would switch it on and roast their entire stuff 😳

  5. Awww! That is so sweet, Comfy! Buzz is such a darling! Yes, I used to be sad that my little one is growing too – with every word that she pronounced correctly 😦 Right now I only have ‘Lellow’ for yellow, which I hope stays that way 🙂
    Hugs to the little darling!

  6. “You are growing and very fast at that, but the joy you bring stays just the same.” —- Truer words were not spoken 🙂

    With you on every word..though a little behind in baby age.

    Stay happy y’all.

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