Singing Saturday – Tum itna jo

Remember those days in school when seniors used to come and monitor the class when your teacher was out? It was during one of those when the senior who came in sang this song for us. That was the first time I heard the song.


My go to song when I am sad and trying to hide it.


How can you not identify with a song when it talks about a smile being so bright that it has to be hiding deep pain.

Or about eyes brimming up, while a smile brushes the lips. What we feel and what we project to the world.

Or the insides turning to poison with all the tears that we continue to drink.

Or about human nature of touching the wounds, only to re-open them, that have been filled up by time.

Or the game of fate which they say is written in the lines of our palms and how these lines are the ones which we lose out to.


A beautiful song with soul touching lyrics. Something we all go through at various stages of life. A song which is my ‘deep in thought, pondering about life’ song.


38 thoughts on “Singing Saturday – Tum itna jo

  1. Lovely song!

    ‘Remember those days in school when seniors use to come and monitor the class when your teacher was out?’ – Oh yes! I had forgotten all about those 🙂 In primary school, all I wanted was to grow big and mind classes 🙂

  2. Lovely song .. jagjit singh at his best ..

    and the movie too was excellent all the actors did a brilliant job, smita patil, shabana, naseer

    that why they say

    Gulshan ki fakat foolon se nahin
    Kanton se bhi Zeenat hoti hai
    Jeene ke liye is duniya main
    Gam ki bhi Zaroorat hoti hai..


    What we did – Answer

  3. I absolutely love this song and now thanks to you I’ll be humming it through the day 🙂

    Loved the way you interpreted the song too 🙂

    Beautiful post!

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