We were at a friend’s place when their 5 year old daughter ran and sat on her mom’s lap. A Hug, a kiss, big smiles followed.  This was a few years back. But that one moment stayed on with me.

Since then the interaction between a mom and her child always grabs my attention. The trust that flows, the love that shows, the care that unknowingly comes through always tugs at my heart. Friends, I have known for years and years, friends who had not a care in the world or gave a hoot about what anyone said or did, now think about their kids first. Nose gets wiped on the fav. dress, food gets splattered on the silk sarees, high heels have traded places with flats. We have all become moms.

I love to watch the byplay of emotions. That one unguarded moment where no one else exists but those two, that one tender kiss on the brow, that spontaneous hug, that reassuring look which says ‘don’t worry, I am here’.  THAT is love. THAT is a thing to behold. All you need to do is look.


62 thoughts on “Behold

  1. Loved this post. Summed up pretty much what I have felt but never realised, on this subject! And I think being a mother is one of life’s biggest blessings (no matter how difficult it is!!)

  2. Awwwwww … So many images cropping up in front of my eyes as I read this … U made my morning … There’s something in that lap which says that it has the security n answer to all problems of the world … Bliss 🙂

  3. So true…. I have felt always felt this about friends who are married now and have become complete marriage materials… the same one’s who wud say “marriage mad-o-wot”?? ” i’m nt gonna compromise on my dress…this n tht etc” …i have seen them change… and it really makes u smile.. 🙂

  4. ADORE this post!! And look what co-incidence, I clicked on your link soon after commenting at Titaxy’s post on dad-daughter bonding ..and how I said, I thought moms are taken as granted 😛

    I do that too Comfy..look and drink in those ‘special moments’ moms around me share with their kids. Later, I go and give the mom a pat or a light hug to convey my delight. They keep wondering ‘why?!’ 🙂

  5. Indeed so very true.. I sometimes feel that kids have so much faith on there parents when young…

    Pity is the state of PARENTS these days who donot look after there kids, I know i am going on a tangent here but I am very very how do i say , Well i go MAD when parents dong look after the kids.. Wednesday night a Granny(60+) old , and her son(40+).. Posh car Go into ASDA for a 2 minute shopping, leave the 8months old baby in child seat asleep on back seat, and a 6 year old girl on the front seat ..

    They wanted to Nip in for 2 minutes, The car doors were open and the alarm going off as the child might have woken up inside

    WE stood there for at least 15+ minutes and this is what the MAN had to say “WE went in for a quick pack if ciggies”.. JESUS CHRIST
    How can you ..

    and then the sobbing starts and HOW POLICE doesnot understand, How they make a maountain of something, etc etc

    What would you do in this case ?

    I will tell you what i did … Actually i am going to put it as a question on my blog tooo 🙂 lets see waht people come up with the reply

    SORRY i went on a tangent oooops

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