Singing Saturday – Start me up

The Rolling Stones live in concert said the radio ad. Rolling Stones..One of D’s fav. bands..D’s Birthday coming up..Perfect gift for him. Thus went the thought process. I was online the minute I got out of the car. Ticket prices checked and seating arrangement looked at. Done. Like a giddy teenager, I rushed to tell D what I had done.

The weekend after his Birthday we were sitting in the presence of greatness, watching them perform. LIVE. The music was amazing, the crowd was wild, the stage moved at one point and they performed 4 songs, 2 feet away from us. The girl behind us screamed:

 Mick, I love you. You are my grandpa

Everyone around burst out laughing.

A wonderful night, where we sang along, danced, clapped, smiled no end.


The sadistic gym instructor who always started our workout session with ‘Start me up’. She might never stop but we were all dead by the end of the hour and could barely drag out asses out of the gym.


D and Buzz standing in the kitchen when the song comes on radio. D starts with moving his head in sync with the song. Buzz follows. Soon the little diaper clad butt starts to shake. Not to be left behind, D starts to jump. Buzz spins in circles and falls as she stops. New game is born. Spin once, mock fall once. Endless laughs give company. Start those two up indeed and they will never stop.


28 thoughts on “Singing Saturday – Start me up

    1. whoa live in concert !!! Super fun !!! Aww what a gift for D,he must be feeling so good about his dear wife 😀

      D and Buzz’s dance sequence…wow…imagined and laughed out loud this side 😉 Specially the ‘diaper clad butt’ was hilarious 😀

      Happy Times at your end makes me happy at my end sweetie 🙂 Wishing you many more happy moments in life 🙂

  1. Woww! Live concerts r soooo much fun. U sure did make me feel J and nice too 😉 seeing the wonderful pics here 🙂
    Awww can’t stop smiling imagining that dance. U got me started din’t u 😉 Hugs Comfy 🙂

  2. Awesomeness!! 😀
    Rolling Stones live! wow! Thats a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy!! 🙂
    Happy Birthday to D as well!

    I could so imagine Buzz shaking away to glory in all cuteness! 😀

  3. Those pics tell it loud and clear how much fun you guys must have had at the concert 😛
    I can imagine how much fun it would be to watch buzz twist and dance 😆 😆
    Simply Sweet 😀

  4. Wow@ Rolling stone’s concert

    LOL@ D and buzz’s dance sequence…. i wud want to know wot mamma does wen these two dance?? …Wots mamma’s dance step 😉

  5. Awww..I so would love to see a video of the shaking of the diaper-clad butt 😆

    Comfy, some more awwwwwwwwwws to you for thinking of such a wonderful gift for D!!
    Belated wishes to him 🙂

  6. a Live concert .. Wowo .. I wanted to go to the UB40 one here last month but ALAS i missed it .. Next on menu is Jon Bon jovi in February 2011 🙂 lets hope i can make that …

    You had funnnnnn and that too loads of it glad…

  7. One of my fav bands too .. thanks to you tube .. can listen as I type 😀 .. but Hey Comfy there’s one thing where even You tube fails .. the diaper clad bum dance 😉 .. please post a bum jig of Buzzie .. oh pretty please 🙂

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