Cry not

Dhishoom, aise maarte hein..dhishoom

D punches his fist out, while trying to teach Buzz how to fight.


Buzz copying D with perfect hand gestures.

Ouch ouch ouch

Me holding my eye where Buzz’s fist landed as the Dhish went ooom, for the simple reason that she sat in my lap when all the gyaan was being transferred from father to daughter.

Booohoooo, Mumma..boooohoooo

Buzz crying.


Ouch, that hurts

Screamed D as he got up but his leg had other thoughts and refused to wake up.

Booohooooo, Papa…Mumma Papa..booohoooo

Buzz running behind D, calling me, with tears in her eyes.


Sniff Sinff

I wipe away the tears as I chop a particularly mean onion

Boooohoooo booooohooooo

Buzz with tears streaming down her face.


There, now Maa and Paa are not even allowed to show pain or cry tears because then they have to deal with full-blown tears from l’il Buzz.


50 thoughts on “Cry not

  1. What an absolutely sweet and sensitive child! I hope she stays this way and the world doesn’t succeed in hardening her as she grows. You have an angel there 🙂

    Ps* I really think onions in this season are turning out to be very mean too! I need to splash my eyes with water every few mins while chopping them.

  2. So sweet. My son slaps me on the face and starts crying if I show any feelings of hurt/pain. I do agree….we parents are not allowed to show our pain.

  3. Kids are the sole reason where we learn to Smile even when it hurts and realise that it’s worth the effort 😛

    Tell Buzz am still crying coz I didn’t get to meet her while she was here 😥

    Ps: Comfy did Buzz dress up on Halloween??

    1. was I to know you were in SFO..all you needed to do was let me know in advance 🙂

      No Buzz did not dress up for Halloween..I am mean mean..till she actually does not comes and tells me she wants to get dressed as someone or the other..she can live in her Jeans and T-shirt..

      But she did wear a T-shirt which said ‘Eye love my Mummy’ 😛 😛

  4. Sho shweet….so much love shows thru…. !!! 🙂 🙂 My elder one is like that….exactly like Buzz, even today as a teenager, she cries the moment she sees my eyes watery…. 😀

  5. maa paa are SUPERMAN/SUPERWOMAN how can they cry, they can do anything for me .. they can get anythign for me ..

    They are supercool ma – paa and Superawesome 🙂

    the little one thiks just that .. when looking at your face 🙂 the sense of protected

    She is having such fun .. at her parents expense BUT I am sure you dont mind it all 🙂


  6. Ohhhh she’s such a perfect kid n so like the other perfect one … Ahem ahem … Me … Shell grow up to pester her ma with … Ma smile na ma plz … Even when there’s no mood or occasion … Gee another angel in making 😳

  7. Even while you cringe in pain or shed a tear…don’t you burst into a smile or laughter when you see the little one making all sad cry faces?

    That’s a boon, me thinks. Enjoy while it lasts Comfy!

    Convey my tight kisses on those Buzz butter cheeks pls 🙂

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