Singing Saturday – Zindagi Kaisi Hai

A movie I can never watch without the eyes brimming up and the heart heavy


A song about life. Life with its ups and downs. Life with smiles and tears. Life with unbound happiness and soul deep sorrow. Life with all its present uncertainties and lessons when looked back on. Life..

Kabhi dekho mann nahi jaage peechhe peechhe sapno ke bhaage
Ek din sapno ka raahi chalaa jaaye sapno ke aage kaha

Where we forget to listen to our heart while we are busy running behind some dream. Where one day we get to that dream only to realize it was not really what we were looking for. Life..

Jinhone sajaaye yaha mele sukh-dukh sang-sang jhele
Wahi chunkar khaamoshi yu chali jaaye akele kaha

Where we share our happiness and sorrow with people we care for. Where some days we pick silence above all else and decide to walk all alone. Life..


A song with an opening scene which always brings nostalgia along. How many wonderful memories do I have around these multi-colored, yellow & red balloons. How I miss those days.


PS: The words in the song don’t exactly mean as I have then above. This is how I am interpreting them today.


24 thoughts on “Singing Saturday – Zindagi Kaisi Hai

  1. This song got me into one of my quiet, introspective moods 🙂 I haven’t watched the movie, but the description sounds so nice. Will try and watch it sometime soon.

  2. like you I can never watch this movie without tears. Actually I think they should show this movie everyweek, this way we can completely solve all of India’s water woes !!!!!

    **Hitchy guffaws at his own joke** wondering if sandals are flying ???? !!!! or eggs !!! sigh…

    jokes apart its an awesome movie, awesome song… I have it all the time in my mobile!!!! Infact I wrote on this same topic very early whne I was a naive blogger not that I am any better 😛 … here is the link !

  3. It was a good movie and the songs were great too but ok ok before i say this i am going to say dont get mad at me ..

    But going to rajesh khanna dont you think he was given way too much hype, he was not that great a actor , think about it the best songs of that era were picturised on him.. so no wonder he was super star.. the same songs on any other actor would make them also a super star

    ok ok i already said sorry 🙂

    your interepretation is great toooo… and the lyrics of the songs awesome .. we dont get such lyrics anymore 🙂
    thanks for sharing …

    Bikram’s Blog

  4. one of my all time favorite movies! I love old movies of Rajesh Khanna. The other being Bawarchi, Haathi Mere Saathi and…I don’t remember others 🙂 He played such a lovable character in Anand.

  5. WOW !!! Another gem of a song….loved ur interpretation. Its actually how we relate to the lyrics, which makes our heart go behind the song more.

    And u spoke my mind – never have I watched this movie, without crying….actually a learning for me now – with this song coming at the right time in my life – to smile at every impossible thing given to us by life !!!! Thanks for this Comfy and special hugs. 🙂

  6. You’re right comfy…tears are the permanent company while watching this movie..but I don’t mind and want to watch this movie again and again.. learning for life one should revisit,hai na ? !!!

  7. Arre wah! how beautifully you interpreted.

    I am listening this song from childhood and its so touchy. Now it’s in my playlist.
    Whenever i sit alone, or spend quite time with myself i listen….

    This song has itself has a great meaning of life.

  8. Beautiful song n movie. I think everyone will be able to relate to this at least when in introspection mode 🙂
    Love your interpretation…very true Comfy!

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