Tataie watching

One of the first words Buzz said besides the customary Maa, Paa was Tataie. Since the first time she saw a picture of a butterfly in one of her books she has been fascinating. From all the pictures on a page, tataie is the first thing that she points to. And tataie is what she points to every other minute.

We got to know about a ‘Tropical Butterfly House’ exhibit from some friends. Promptly plans were made to visit. We could not wait to see how Buzz reacted to seeing real, vibrant, flying tataies.

Fighting traffic, struggling with parking, we got there. We stepped in to a small, dark room with doors on both sides and smell of tropical flowers strong. All of it made Buzz really uncomfortable and had her scrambling to be picked up. With D holding her we stepped through the next set of doors in to the Butterfly house. He walked to a red and black butterfly, talking to Buzz all the time. The minute it registered what she was looking at, she wanted down. There was no stopping her. She clapped, she ran, she laughed, she pointed, she chanted

‘Hi Tataie’..’Bye Tataie’.

I was on camera duty while D followed Buzz around. There was this beautiful Blue/Grey butterfly that I was trying to capture, when I saw a wing flutter from the corner of my eye. My right arm became the landing spot for one beautiful butterfly. All excited, I headed to where D and Buzz where. While D took the camera from my hand to take pictures, I bend down to let Buzz have a better view of the butterfly.

No tataie. Aaaa Daaaa

Demand to be held, crying for the tataie to go away followed. That was it. She wanted out of there with her Maa all to herself, much to her parent’s amusement.

The visit to Tataie house has been a while, but she still points to my arm every now and then, when talks of tataie come up. A fun day with beautiful, delicate, patterned, colored butterflies. 


50 thoughts on “Tataie watching

  1. Its so wonderful to read how u let Buzz enjoy Nature, in its best….hugs to the parents. 🙂 🙂

    Excellent pics… 🙂 Red and black one really catches the eye… 🙂

    So, where’s the one which sat on ur arm ???? 😉

  2. I am not having much fun with the comment section here.. wrong jagah pe comment kar diya

    Beautiful pics though.. please read my comment to the wordless wednesday 🙂 me duhh to i shall type again 🙂

    Wow the Butterfly of your eyes is feasting on the butterflies 🙂

    phewwwwwwwwwwwwww i hope this is the right place now


  3. Beautiful pics, Comfy. What design and colors! But the best part of the post was Hi Tataie… Bye Tataie. That is so so cute 😀 😀

  4. U made me go back 20 years almost .. when a new kid in Calcutta didnt know what to do and didn’t have much friends to play with .. Baba planned a trip to the doll museum to make me smile …. Damn … I am so missing him .. I want to hug him right now!!!

    Awesome shots and of course Buzzie stole the show 🙂

  5. That must have been so much fun for her and you! Am sure she will want you to take her back to the tataie house again 🙂

    We went to such a Tropical exhibit last weekend too, and I have almost similar pics of butterflies 🙂 The only difference being that Poohi is a bit wary of anything that flies 🙂

  6. Tataie’s are so cute. I dont know which one would be my favorite picture. But still Buzz is the cutest :). With every post of yours I m loving her more and more :). Say Hi to her from me.

  7. Oh My!!! I am still trying to pick up my jaw from the floor..

    Glad Buzz had a good time with Tataies, but even more glad that you posted these AWESOME pics for us to savor. Thanks!!! 🙂

  8. Aww.. I am imagining Buzz clapping, laughing, pointing and running .. How cute 😀

    Did you take pics of her that time?

    The butterfly pics you’ve put up are so very pretty!

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