Like daughter..

As I stand in the kitchen working on getting dinner ready, she comes screaming

 Cli, Cli

I look around trying to figure out what she wants. She stands below the counter top, pointing up.

Oh you want to sit up here?

Pick her up and make her sit on the counter top. Which is how I usually cook. With her sitting on one end of the kitchen counter,  banging on one of the pots..pulling on another, while I on the other end, chop vegetables..handle the stove. But today she looks at me funny. As if she is not too happy about the sitting up there. I have dinner on my mind, so don’t give it much of a thought as I get back to work.


As he stands in the kitchen making Tea, she goes running

Cli, Cli

He looks down at her with a huge smile on his face


gets down on his knees and holds his hands a little above the ground. She steps on to them. As she balances on one foot and raises the other high, he holds his other hand a little higher too, which she promptly steps foot on. On they go till she scrambles to the top. Smiles and claps follow.


I am working on cleaning up her toys from the floor, when she says


I take her to the window and show her the sky and trees and clouds, as she gives me this funny look.


D is standing doing some shoulder exercises and she goes up to him and says


He smiles lifts her up, holding her horizontal..belly down and swings her in circle, all the while saying


as she laughs non-stop


She is going to do all the adventure sports stuff he does..will she not.. Also I should ask him how those two play while I am not around, else she is going to figure out way sooner than I want her to that Maa is no fun at all..Sigh..


48 thoughts on “Like daughter..

  1. Arey kya baath hai!! A man in my house is similar to one in yours 😉

    Rock climbing to skydiving- its all in his list for her daughter already 😉

    And I am with you on that last line – some day, the little girls whom we gush about are just going to go hopping happy with their dads and not look back at us poor moms. Hmmph!


  2. Awww, what a lovely father daughter bond! :)So the adventurous gene has been passed on to her huh.. Perhaps you’ll convert and participate in their ‘fun’ soon 😀

    1. Participate in rock climbing..err been there done that.. not too fond of it.. 😐

      Sky diving..I think I would have a heartattack as I stand ready to jump out.. Bungee Jumping once was enough for me 😦

  3. LOL Comfy…sigh at your not-knowing-her-fun-to-do-things 😀

    But she is certainly adventurous indeed..I like.

    I’ve always been patting her back and clapping for her 🙂 Doing the same today…some day when I’ll meet her I’ll hug her,kiss her and may be gobble her up too for all the cuteness that she has spread in my life 🙂

    Oh as for you: I’m sure you’ll soon be a part of daddy-daughter fun gang 😀 You’re to funny to be boring 🙂

  4. Awwwww … the first scene transported back to my home …. I still do it with Ma in the kitchen .. I HAVE to sit on the counter n jabber with her … that’s how I picked up all her recipes … and as for Ma not being fun at all … wait up girl!!! … when those Cli Cli will become a ritual and the kitchen counter the perfect place to share the mother daughter bond and giggles – Ma will know how much fun and important she is!!!

    Btw …. am waiting for the father daughter car wash episode …. ohhhh its so much fun 😉 😉

    1. Hain na.. to be able to sit with Maa on the counter as she cooks..there is nothing like that 🙂

      For now the car wash goes like this..Paa washes car outside..Daughter sits inside pretending to drive the car 😀 😀

  5. U better learn them all Comfy….Why shld the boy have all the fun with Buzz…. 😉 😉

    But loved the way, u described the situations… 🙂 🙂

  6. now thats my kind of man.. yes to the sky dive and jumping and all YEssssssssssssss

    I am sure the little one is going to have so much fun when she grows up with her day , going to all these day outs ..

    You also better get upto the mark else the two will have fun 🙂

    so what did u cook for dinner then 🙂

    Bikram’s blog

  7. I am sure the little one is going to have so much fun when she grows up with her DAD , going to all these day outs ..

    (sorry spelling mistake ho gay in previous one)

  8. Aww… she is so cute. I have to admit that skydiving is more fun than watching sky. And dont worry… when she goes on these adventures, I will go with her :P.

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