Singing Saturday – Aane Wala Pal

9th grade. Physics project. Friend and I decide to make a step-down transformer. Saturday afternoon at her place. After gorging on awesome Gujrati food her mom cooked, the TV is switched on for a few minutes before we get down to figuring out what the project entails. How did it all end?? Golmaal hei bhai sab Golmaal hei 😛 😛

A laugh riot of a movie, that had us on the floor with a stomach ache from the non-stop laughs.


About living life in the moment.

Ho sake to isme jindagi bitado, pal jo yeah jaane wala hei.


The ever-moving time.

Dekha to yahein hei, dhunda to nahein hei, pal jo yeah jaane wala hei


Where everything, be it it sorrow, is transient.

Thoda sa hansaake, thoda sa rulaake, pal yeah bhi jaane wala hei 


A beautiful song, with brilliant lyrics.



42 thoughts on “Singing Saturday – Aane Wala Pal

        1. Well i thought i had the potential to be a great singer…so me and my brush we sang many a song in front of mirrors, recorded into tapes…

          and yes this was one of the songs :))

          of course the teacher i went to learn hindustani classical from…put an end to all dreams..pretty much called me an incurable unsingable person 😦

          1. How mean was you teacher..and did she not like the money she was being paid to teach you ❓

            No no..I bet you sing well..and she was just J.. Give it another try and then ask the Tall One about what he thinks.. 😛 😛

  1. Love the song and more about how you’ve put it 🙂

    9th grade memories attached with this one ? Forever laughter in mind,right ? But that’s exactly what the song is about…the school days go away and these are also not bad days 😉

  2. When I was a kid my cousins used to sing this song and i fell in love with it. But i just knew the 1st line so I would make up all the other lines. Most of the time my second line would be “Jaane wala pal aane wala hai”… got yelled at a lot for ruining this song :P. But when i was a kid i ruined every song. I used to say idli and dosa in between songs too :P. Why am i typing all this? Because I love the song and listening to it brought back all the memories :).

  3. You did such a bigproject when you were in 9th?? 😯 I can’t even remember which of my brothers I was trying to strangle when I was in 9th? ❓

    Aww Kishore is my all time fave…no one can sing like him hain na? Ek Baar Waqt Se Lamha Gira Kahin…
    Wahaan Dastan Mili Lamha Kahin Nahin…TIMELESS lyrics I say 😛

  4. One of my fav songs and a damn fav movie….dont even know how many times I’ve watched it. Its there in tamil too, remake with Rajnikanth…my God, that too a was a super hit and he did that role very well…. 🙂 🙂

    Reminded me of my wonderful time with sister, watching this movie…. 🙂 🙂

  5. This is another of my all time faves..both song n movie 🙂
    While in the University, my friends n me would sing all these old beauties… and then we chose what we called the ‘line of the song’…coined by the singer friend 🙂
    For this song, the line is
    ‘Ek Baar Waqt Se Lamha Gira Kahin…
    Wahaan Dastan Mili Lamha Kahin Nahin…’
    Timeless lyrics as Saks says!

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