Hey People,

While Maa is busy with birthdays and baby showers and festival season and gifts to buy and house to clean and lights to put up.. my talk post is getting no importance at all. Just when I was ready to sulk and throw a fit, Akka came to my rescue. She helped me out by reading all the comments and telling me what everyone wrote. She even went and tallied things and came up with the maximum score.

2.5 out of 10 😮

Seeing my eyes well up with tears, Akka wrote down what I mean in a language that all of you understand. So here you go..all of you. Read, learn and remember, OK? Else how will I talk to all of you when we meet up? OK.

  1. Aicacker – Helicopter
  2. Shoom – Mushroom
  3. Mummay – Mermaid
  4. Staaw – Strawberry
  5. Pip – Bib
  6. Neow – Meow
  7. Seaha – Sea Horse
  8. Sunsee – Sunscreen
  9. Onae – Orange
  10. Bot – Robot

iTalk badge goes to Swaram, Chatterbox, BitsOfChocolate and Preethi

Yay.. all of you.

PS: A special mention to my special friend..Ms. Rays for pulling Maa’s leg through it all and making everyone laugh 😀

PPS: Is my Akka the bhest or what 😀


40 thoughts on “iTalk

  1. Lol! Knowing how uncreative I am, I’d never have guessed and so I didn’t even attempt. I was waitin for the results to be put up.. Congrats to the winners 😀

  2. Yayyy yippeee! I won I won 🙂
    Thanks so much Buzzu pie. I will def. strive hard to learn ur language better 😀 So, when r we meeting 😉

  3. Yay…thanks for the badge comfy. But I will try to make a better attempt next time. Would love to hear more about Buzz talk.

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