A new side..

We were having a usual morning. Scrambling to get ready. Getting out of the house without any mishaps..err meaning..hands in the pot and water all over..cereal bowl dumped on the clothes..shoes gone missing.

hmm where was I.. Oh yeah..we were having a usual morning. Got to Buzz’s class at daycare. She ran with her usual speed to greet everyone around. Till she turned a corner and stopped. One of the kids in her class was not feeling well and was crying. One of their teacher was sitting next to him, soothing the little guy. Buzz took all of this in. Very quietly sat down next to her little friend and went on to pat him.

A very different side of her, a side I had never seen before. The care she showed, her gentle touch, the stillness for the ever-moving her.

I love you little one..and am very proud of you for this small little thing.


48 thoughts on “A new side..

  1. Such a simple act of kindness and love, will certainly go a long way, you’ve taught her very well Comfy.

    Buzz darling, you certainly are an angel…. 🙂 🙂 Special hugs to the little baby. 🙂

  2. Such happy, proud moments should be cherished for long 🙂 And the header is so awesome! Looks like heaven. I want to be among those clouds 😀

  3. How sweet!!! SUrprisingly, my brat did something very similar last week, and I Was really taken aback.. didn’t realise kids can empathise with other kids too 🙂

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