What did she say??

Buzz is all set to hold her end of a conversation now. She goes on and on in the perfect cadence of one having a conversation with a few words that actually makes sense thrown in the middle to keep Maa and Paa on their toes. When Maa/Paa give her a blank eyed look after her side of the dialog is done, she can be seen  shaking her head as in thinking to herself, ‘why did I have to get stuck with these two’.

Give this, how could I not share the love with all of you. It is time to daudaao dimaag ke ghode again and guess what Buzz means when she says:

  1. Aicacker
  2. Shoom
  3. Mummay
  4. Staaw
  5. Pip
  6. Neow
  7. Seaha
  8. Sunsee
  9. Onae
  10. Bot

Most correct answers wins the ‘Buzz Talk Pals‘ badge. So go on..ghode daudaaing..answer likhing.. 😀

PS: Sounding words out loud might help. Adding letter in the front or at the end might help. Thinking outside of what you see will definitely help  😛


55 thoughts on “What did she say??

  1. First attempt 😛

    1. Aicacker
    2. Shoom – Broom
    3. Mummay –
    4. Staaw – Straw
    5. Pip – Pipe/ Sweep
    6. Neow – Meow/ New
    7. Seaha – Seahorse
    8. Sunsee – Sunshine :!:, Sunset
    9. Onae
    10. Bot –

  2. Ha ha ha..this is going to be fun!!
    The first two words I cant make out..I really need to ghumaao my dimaag to come up with my answers but the 3rd word sounds like ‘Mummy’ to me, so I’ll go with that 😀

    Staaw – Stove 😀

    Neow- No( which is the favorite and one of the first few words a child picks up, citing my child as example 😀 )

    Seaha- See ya!!

    Sunsee- ‘I can see sun’??

    Onae- One

    OK, my dimaag ki batti gul..let me go and recharge and be back with more 🙂

  3. Second 🙂
    1. Aicacker – 🙄
    2. Shoom – Vrooom vrooom vroom
    3. Mummay – Mummy/Yummy 😛
    4. Staaw – Straw
    5. Pip – Bib/biiiiiiig 😛
    6. Neow –
    7. Seaha – See
    8. Sunsee – Sachi muchi…
    9. Onae –
    10. Bot –

  4. BTW, did Buzz’s name have anything to do with the Toy Story character? Is she into Toy Story series..if so, then my daughter will not even take seconds to make your Buzz her friend for life :D. She is completely besotted with Buzz, the lightyear 😀

    1. Deeps, no Buzz’s name is something I came up with as a short form of ‘Buzzing Bee’ because she is such an active child.

      She is too little or I guess we are too conscious as of now to not show her much TV. So she hasn’t seen Toy Story yet.. 🙂

  5. Here are my guesses, but I really have no hope after the last time 😉

    Shoom – dhishoom (action 😛 )
    Mummay – mummy
    Staaw – straw
    Pip – sound of car’s horn?
    Neow – new/meow
    Seaha – sher/ sea/ cya

  6. Here comes the most difficult test of all, in my entire life….decoding Buzz talks…. 😉 😉

    Aicacker – I want cracker (LOL @ myself.. 😉 )
    Shoom – Broom ?????
    Mummay – Mummy
    Staaw – Straw
    Pip – Pipe
    Neow – Now / New
    Seaha – See-saw
    Sunsee – See Sun
    Onae – One
    Bot – Butt

    This is quite difficult yaar… 😉

    Biting my nails and waiting for the test results… 🙂

  7. Aicacker – 🙄
    Shoom – shoe/broom
    Mummay – Mummy
    Staaw – straw
    Pip – Bib/Pipe
    Neow – Meow/New/No
    Seaha – see saw
    Sunsee – something related to Sun
    Onae – Onion /One
    Bot – book /boot

    This is my best guess after a hectic day at work.Will be back once am recharged 😀 😀 😀

  8. I know most of them through you or the Akka. Let me not steal everybody’s fair chance of winning 😀
    But I can’t control myself, so here’s a totally crazy interpretation just for laughs 😀 😀

    1. Aicacker –
    Its a confession Comfy. She hacked into your blog and read all that you wrote about her, she is now so touched by your love that she is confessing ‘I hacker’ 😀
    2. Shoom –
    Give her a break will you? Always after her, asking her to pick up the toys that she throws here and there! So she says ‘Shoom!’ which is a polite way of saying ‘Shoo Maa, leave me alone! Its fun to throw toys!’ 🙄
    3. Mummay –
    And when you don’t get the polite Shoom, she stands tall, stern and mean. Points her cute little index finger and warns you with a growling voice – ‘Mummayyyy’, more like ‘khabardaar’. You better be scared at this point. 😆
    4. Staaw – When Maa send her for time out, cute Buzzu has her lower lip pouted doing ‘awww’ and she’s trying to tell Maa ‘Please Stop!’. So it comes out as ‘Staaw’ with the cutest expression the face 😀
    5. Pip –
    Stop decoding every pip and squeak, will you! Pah!
    ‘Pip’ is just a hiccup! 🙄
    6. Neow –
    Face it Maa, this is the era of everything nano. Normal cat says ‘meow’, nano cat says ‘Neow’. No, older generation are not expected to understand the modern times. 😐
    7. Seaha –
    Awww, you took her to the temple right? She has learnt to pray from there. She prays for you. ‘Seaha’ is baby talk for ‘Swaha’.
    8. Sunsee –
    Comfy, D – she has made up her mind. She has been a good girl and she deserves to see the sun if she wants to for Christmas. So her Christmas gift needs to be a solar telescope. Don’t roll your eyes Comfy, you should be proud of your intelligent child.
    9. Onae –
    D to Comfy: “Its getting so cold these days! Is the heating on?”
    Cute Buzz playing in a corner: “On hai!” (Its on) 😆
    10. Bot –
    While some might easily presume that she wants a robot as well for Christmas, what she means by ‘Bot’ is ‘Both’. Oh, that was the answer for the question ‘Whom do you love more Buzz, Maa or Paa?’

  9. my time to daudauu my deemag..

    1.Aicacker – kadishakkar ( err those sugar cubes ) lol i knw my deemag way to weird…but thts the first thing tht came to my mind.

    2.Shoom – dishoom dishoom

    3.Mummay – Mummy… or food as in mummum

    4.Staaw -Straw

    5.Pip – Car

    6.Neow – NO or MEow (cat)

    7.Seaha – see ya

    8.Sunsee – Sunset or Phunsee ( u knw they call a heat boil …phunsee in hindi 😛 )

    9.Onae – Kaun hai? 😛

    10.Bot – Bat? / Bed + Cot = BOT

    hides in a corner…

  10. Aicacker – ofcourse? or ask her
    Shoom – dishoom?
    Mummay – mummy or mum mum
    Staaw – straw
    Pip – please? or pipe
    Neow – meow
    Seaha – see her?
    Sunsee – sunset or sunshine
    Onae – one or oh no
    Bot – bottle

    mentos bahuth khaya par dimag ki batti jala nahin

  11. Aicacker – Ai kya kar???
    Shoom – shoe?
    Mummay – mooh mein?
    Staaw – straw
    Pip – pick? or peep?
    Neow – No?
    Seaha – see saw?
    Sunsee – sushi (naah too young nah? ) / sunshine?
    Onae – one
    Bot – bottle or bath?

    Man … I actually said them aloud … but what a ROFL!!!!!!! 😀

  12. Here be my guesses

    1.Aicacker – Firecracker
    2.Shoom – Zoom
    3.Mummay – Yummy
    4.Staaw – Straw
    5.Pip – Clip
    6.Neow – Meow
    7.Seaha – Sea Horse
    8.Sunsee – Sunshine
    9.Onae – Donald
    10.Bot – Boat

  13. Okay for the super shweet badge i want to give it another try… 🙂

    Aicacker – firstly why u straining that doll with this tough word..i dont understand (cream cracker)
    Shoom – Dhishoom – dhishoom 😉
    Mummay – Mamma
    Staaw – straw
    Pip – Picture
    Neow – No
    Seaha – See ya
    Sunsee – maasi
    Onae – another
    Bot- bottle

    At home which language do u speak..wo hint to dena tha 😦

  14. ok like Di…i am scared to attempt it this time after my outstanding performance…but in the spirit of looking like an idiot here goes

    Aicacker – cant think beyond “i hacker”…but am go on a limb and say cracker?
    Shoom – Dishoom from movies?
    Mummay – know she calls u maa..so mummay must be ummm drawing a blank and coming back to say Mummy…
    Staaw – Straw
    Pip – Peep -like the car horn
    Neow – Knee Ow? ok Knee/now
    Seaha – See Saw
    Sunsee – Humpty the Dumpty types or sunset
    Onae – only
    Bot – boat?

  15. hmm…let me try this one.

    Aicacker – Firecracker , helicopter.
    Shoom – Room, shoe.
    Mummay – Mummy, Monday
    Staaw – Straw
    Pip – Please
    Neow – No (I am almost sure of this becausemy niece also says ‘neow’ in all her american accent).
    Seaha – See you.( as in bye bye).
    Sunsee – sunset
    Onae – Orange
    Bot – Bottle

    Gosh ! So much so for my creativity ( or lack of it! )

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