Singing Saturday – Tujhese nazar

Song from a movie, which is the only movie based on a book that I can think of, that I like more than the book itself.

The one song I can listen to, non-stop, in a loop and never get enough of.

A song where every single word speaks to me

Tujhase naaraaz nahi zindagi, hairaan hoon main.
Tere masoom savalon se pareshaan hoon main.

Jeene ke liye socha hi nahein, dard sambhalane honge.
Muskuraoon to, muskurane ke karz utaarne honge.
Muskuraoon kabhi to lagata hai, jaise hontoin pe karz rakhaa hai.

Zindagi tere gum ne hamain rishte naye samajhaye.
Mile jo hamain dhoop main mile chhaanv ke thande saaye.

Aaj agar bhar ayi hai, boondein baras jaayengi.
Kal kya pata inke liye aakhen taras jayengi.
Jaane kahan gum hua, kahan khoya, ek aansu chhupake rakha tha.

My absolute..above all else..favorite song 


38 thoughts on “Singing Saturday – Tujhese nazar

  1. absolutely..always teary-eyed when I hear this..jeene ke liye socha hi nahin dard sambaalne honge..very nice song..and Gulzar the play master..

  2. I absolutely LOVE this song and have been listening to it regularly since my teenage days..and I still can’t figure out which version I like more – male or female 🙂

  3. Every single word of this song is an exquisite pearl itself. Can never ever get tired of listening to this one and yeah the male one is my fave. I always wondered why Anup Ghoshal never sand many songs for hindi movies. He has such a soulful voice. The only other song I could find sung by him is this

  4. You know how back then they wrote songs that meant something. And all we get today is crap that you listen to for a couple days and move on to the next crap, but these, they are forever.

  5. ‘A song where every single word speaks to me’…sums it for me too
    Absolutely love this song Comfy… sort of gave soul to my feelings when i was the loneliest and away from home, sometime after mom died. Brings back many memories…

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