No is the answer..

..for anything asked, anything told.

Be it when asked if she wants food or wants to take a bath. All said as she makes her way to the table or the bathtub.

Be it when she walks upstairs to sleep or when she is cold as sleep takes over. All said as she rubs her eyes or pulls the blanket close.

Be it when asked if she wants to sit next to Maa or wants to go out. All said as she climbs on the couch next to Maa or runs to get her jacket.

Be it when she is told to keep her books away or when she is asked not to throw things. All said as she places the books in the right place or as she picks up whatever it is she threw.

Be it when asked to fetch a toy or point to her nose. All said as she goes to get the toy or touches her nose with her index finger.

Be it when Maa goes to pick her up from daycare or tries to hold her hand while crossing the road. All said as she walks to the door ready to leave or holds Maa’s hand all on her own.

..for everything in is the answer.


54 thoughts on “No is the answer..

  1. Siggghhh .. just do me a favor … ask her if she wants to grow up … and then if she says No .. seal the answer and keep it in the deepest of locakers so that when peterpan decides to leave your house u can show that and keep these cuteness coming forever …. 🙂

  2. Now why does that sound familiar? Flashback 25 yrs – picture less than a year old Div – first word she had learnt was not ma or pa, but was ‘no-no’ with a head shake – ask her her name – ask her anything under the sun – the answer would be a shake of the head and ‘no no’ 😀

    These are all sign of greatness you see 😉 😉

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