Wordless Wednesday – XLIII


54 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XLIII

  1. Awww…simply adorable. One of the best ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ pics you have posted. Btw, thats a beautiful pair of footwear. I WANT them.

  2. 😮 !
    It looked like a regular foot in giant slippers to me first! 😮

    Awww, already walking in mom’s footsteps, er, footwear, are we 😉

  3. Mummy’s fave is Buzz’s fav too 🙂 All of them do the same things while they grow up…no wonder they say history repeats 😀

  4. Aaah buzzie .. lets put on some black nail paint and paint the town red shall we 😉 😉

    Lolz … Puts thats an ‘olle’ post comfy .. I so feel like raising to lil feet to my mouth n blowing bubbles 🙂

    Psssst…. r u planning a revenge on me and cursing “just wait till your Anarkali arrives” 😉 😉

  5. awwwww this is one of the best pictures…reminds me of a birthday card sent by mom..which always makes me sentimental…

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