On being traumatized..

The When:
Anytime she hits someone, or throws something, or does something she is not supposed to.

The Where:
Corner next to the fireplace

The How:
Made to stand in the corner, not allowed to move from there.

The Drama:
Big fat tears, ear-splitting screams, fake..dimple flashing smiles, cutest of cute ‘Hi Mamma’

The Call:
When one of us deems that she has had sufficient time to play out all the drama, she is called out to.

The Reaction:
Silence. Breath held. Eyes wide. Almost like she is saying ‘Me, you’re calling me’.

The Response:
A smile. Asked to come over.

The Run:
A mad dash to get away from the corner. Demands to be held, hugged, kissed, the works.

The Frequency:
About four times a day for two days.

The Trauma:
For any offense, as perceived by her, ‘Oh No’ starts before anything can be said.

The Laughs:
On hearing the word timeout, starts walking to the corner, even when the parents don’t mean to give her a timeout, screaming all the while. Which has the parents cracking up 😀 😀


48 thoughts on “On being traumatized..

  1. Hi Comfy – visited your blog after really long time. Simply love the way you write (especially about Buzz). She sure sounds like a darling…muah to her.

  2. Geee the dreaded D word 👿 *shudders* .. poor baby … wait I’ll come in your dreams today and teach you how to colour the walls standing at the corners or nuibble at the wall paint or play with loads of things found near the fire palce …. Have been there baby and now its time for you my love to bask in m,y wisdom 😉 😉

      1. Yea CB …. Let’s call ourselves “Angel Rescuers” …ooohhhhh it’ll be so much fun to again revisit time out sessions when little did Ma know how much mennance I created 👿

  3. LOL the last one made me laugh too 😉
    But that cute little thing – I dnt think she cn do anything to deserve that 😛 U both deserve the timeout 😛 😛

    1. Facing the wall?? She does not face the wall.. she can see everything that is going on..

      Which is the funny bit, because she plays there all the time on her own..but so much drama during timeout 😀 😀

  4. Comfy go to cornor and take D with u…buzzie listen to aunty sags and CB…they have GOOD ideas on things to do in cornor


    can’t stop smiling at her walking to timeout on her own – screaming!!!

  5. Oh…the mothers are evil monsters always, I tell you…I tell my girls too the same thing – I am a evil monster. :mrgreen:

    But its better to learn the discipline from us, right ????

    When my Mom / MIL appreciates my girls for doing something nice and thoughtful, my husband smiles with glee…at me….the moment of pride.

    Hugs to Buzz….keep it up, Mommy…u are doing a great job. 🙂 🙂 I love the way, she screams and walks when she hears the word, Time out…LOL !!! 🙂 Hugs to the lovely baby. 🙂

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