Singing Saturday – Hotel California

The Eagles were getting back together. None of the ‘Times FM’, ‘Radio Mirchi’ DJs on 97.2 F.M. (aah Bombay FM days..and yes we were still Bombay I miss you) could stop talking about it. Small trivia provided time and again, like when they broke up, someone asked Don Henley ‘When would they get back together’ and he said ‘When Hell Freezes over’ and how now the new album was called ‘When Hell Freezes over’. That was when I first heard ‘Hotel California’ and as the song was played over and over again, I listened to it, I feel in love with it.


Less than a day to go for the college festival to start. The AVA (Audio Video Association 🙄 ) guys hard at work to get the sound system set up at all the various locations. To the very end is left the main stage with the most complicated sound control and the most powerful speakers. Once the setup is completed to their satisfaction, ‘Hotel California’ is played as a sound test. No ‘1..2..3..check check check’ for these guys. The ‘cords of the guitar’ has everyone looking up and with the ‘dub dub’ of the drums a cheer goes out through all the lecture halls. Official or not, the college festival has begun for all of us. Aah..four years of bringing in the three days of non-stop Masti the exact same way.


As the cords fade in to silence three days later, it is time to start taking the sound system down.


The first thing..err but for my ring..that I got from D.. A CD of ‘When Hell Freezes over’.


Someone special told me it was one of her fav. here’s to you baby..



36 thoughts on “Singing Saturday – Hotel California

  1. Thank you 🙂 I slept well after I spoke to you and Buzz. For a good 3 hrs. Feeling much much better now. Muah 🙂

  2. There’s a better print of Hotel California on YouTube. Don’t know why it’s called “Original”.

    Anyway, it’s one of my favorite songs. First in the list is November Rain.

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