As we are getting ready to head out to work today, I pick Buzz up to put her shoes on. I sit her down on my lap while she is getting impatient to be let go. To keep her distracted till her shoes are on, I start to count.

Me: One
Buzz: To
Me: *pick my mouth off the floor* Three
Buzz: Fo
Me: *two was still fine, since I count 1..2..3 for her quite a bit, but four 😮 * Five
Buzz: See
Me: *err..let’s see how far along does she know* Seven
Buzz: Eahh
Me: Nine
Buzz: Eahh
Me: *aah eight it is.. Yay she can count till eight*

The all excited me runs to tell D this. I go on to repeat this a couple of times for D to see. Then he joins in the fun.

Me: One
D: To
Buzz: Fo
Me: Five
D: Six
Buzz: Eahh

A few more tries..OK then she only says the even numbers, no matter how you try 😀

Me: One
Buzz: No
Me: Three
Buzz: No
Me: Five

Aaaalll Daaaa it is..and we are done.. 😛

Note to self: Talk to her Daycare teachers to figure out how far they have been taught to count.

Yay yay yay..she can count now 😀


50 thoughts on “1..to..3

  1. Its really wonderful feeling…am smiling at the proud mommy…. 🙂 🙂

    Hugs to the baby. 🙂 WOW, she can count now. 🙂 🙂

    How did she get the even number thingy ????

    1. I don’t know how she got the even number thing Uma..In fact I spoke to her daycare teacher and they said they count all the time..like counting kids when going out to play and on their way in..or when giving meals so that no one is missed..etc.. But they never explicitly taught counting. Buzz is picking this up all on her own.. which makes me all the more proud 😀

  2. I feel tears n my eyes…our blogging baby is growing up

    But then again..she said No and refused to oblige…as adorable as ever..

    Yes buzz please refuse to perform. Just shock the parents once in a while with thy knowledge

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