Weighty issue

Of the three of us, she is the one who is allowed to have some fat on her. It would look cute I bet, so why is she the only one closest to getting a six-pack. Why is she close to having the opposite of chubby cheeks, so much so, that her cute little dimples are not even prominent any more.

On the flip side, why have we..D and I (err mostly me)..taken it on ourselves to increase the family weight..

Buzz, please darling take up the mantle from Maa for a while. While I go hit the gym with a vengeance.



40 thoughts on “Weighty issue

  1. Oh!! So this is the new, cool way that slim people like you have adopted to show off your super slim figures eh? 😐 Hmph!

  2. Ok, going by the comments, ‘feeshing for the complimentsa huh’? 😀
    I would think with all the running around and lack of sleep there is NO scope for any weight gain whatsoever! Though gym is fun!

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