Month: September 2010

Ranger Program + Buzz = Laughs

We have been talking about going camping since the start of summer but my work, D’s trips, Buzz being sick, rain, my get the idea right..kept coming in the way. The camping trip kept getting left behind. Leaves on the trees are starting to change color, announcing the impending  fall, driving D into a tizzy. Camping trip it was this past weekend.

There is a lot I can write about the trip and I will but this story is about the Ranger program that was held in the camp’s amphitheater starting around 8:30 at night, which we decided to go watch.

Picture the scene: Dark night..rows of benches..people in their PJs sitting here and there on the various benches..a lit up screen in front with some ranger talking about images on the screen as he flipped slides..

Background knowledge: If a couple of people laugh out loud, Buzz laughs out loud too.

Actual scene: The ranger cracks a joke. Everyone laughs. When everyone stops laughing, Buzz laughs out loud. Very loud and very clear in the silence of the night and the echo of the amphitheater. A child’s laughter so pure and loud amuses everyone. Everyone around laugh again. When the laughs get how the story goes do you not?? Yeah well one little child cracked up some 30 or so adults for about 5 long mins.

Background knowledge: If Buzz sees an image she has to say something to identify it.

Actual scene: The ranger talking through the slides. Buzz out loud (remember the night and echo): Tee (tree), couds (clouds), wa wa (water), boooaa (boat), flaaa (flower), Baa (for sheep..sheep Baa’s..that being the logic), caaaooow (cow..was a deer actually but oh well), chinti (for ant), cy (cycle), caa (car). Every word that she uttered drawing laughs from people around.

Background knowledge: If Maa and Paa happen to touch each other, Buzz cries out in outrage.

Actual scene: Proud, indulgent parents, all smiles at their little darlings antics, rest their heads against each other. Buzz looks up. Screams (which echos)

Nahein Papa
Nahein Maammaa

Background knowledge: If Buzz is tired (remember it was past 8:30 at night which is her bed time) and she starts crying there is no stopping her.

Actual scene: Once the screams started there was no getting her to calm down. A full-blown drama commenced. Maa and Paa ran towards their tent site to the sounds of laughs of all the people at the Ranger Program.

Priority of things

They took me to this place they kept calling a temple. I have never been there, or if I have I don’t remember. Interesting place this temple.

-> All the time I keep taking my shoes off and Maa keeps screaming at me

Nahein Buzz, shoes mat uttaro

and here I kept asking for my sheees, they refuse to give them to me. Placed it at the highest shelf where I could not reach. I went and picked up these nice pink sandals that I could reach 😀 But they took that away from me as well 😐

-> Usually any time I try going in to a restroom, they come running to get me out of there. Here they picked me up and actually took me inside one. Paa even let me touch the faucet as he washed my hands.

-> Maa is forever excited when I spot something and name it correctly. True to form I spotted an appee and went running to grab it. Maa caught my hand just before I could reach for it and gave a very stern

Nahein Buzz, apple nahein lena

-> In the hall there were these biiig giant forms draped in shiny clothes with lot of colorful stone like things around their hands and neck. Paa kept trying to show these various forms to me and telling me some names. The constant

Buzz namaste kar do

was no fun. Especially when I spotted a nana. Paa calls it Banana 🙄 . I heart me a nana. I want nana. They would not give it to me. I showed them. How dare they not.

-> They poor puppets of mine ran out of the temple.

-> I like this temple. I think I will visit again.

-> I got my nana the minute I came home. I have priorities right or what 😀

Travel Thursday – Flying over the Himalayas

As you plan a trip, you read up about the place. Make a list of the places to visit, things to do, what to carry along and what to leave behind. The big day arrives. Bags are packed, checked in. You step in to the aircraft, take your seat, close your eyes to rest for a bit, mentally gearing for the fun ahead. You open your eyes as the food cart comes around. Something outside the window catches your eye and you are caught, unable to take your eyes off the view unfolding below you.

Delhi to Leh – 1 hour 15 mins of flying time. A look at the mighty Himalayas like no other.

Snow covered tall tall mountains.

River or road

Glaciers that look like highways of snow.

Glaciers meet up

Glaciers so many, they are difficult to count.

The Mountain Range

Silver line of the river that flows through.

River flowing through

Lake frozen a sight to behold.

Frozen lake

Stok Kangri the crown of Leh.


The decent in the bowl-shaped valley of Leh.

Spot the Runway

A stark contrast from the white snow to the brown which is Ladakh.


Sometimes the destination is what holds our interest..sometimes it is the journey that is a harbinger of the delights ahead. This is a flight time like no other. The best 1 hour 15 mins of air time I have ever had.