Sweet child o' mine

Dear Buzz,

Your Maa and Paa have not been very nice to you this past couple of weeks, have they? First it was the long hours of travel that was involved in the camping trip and then it was the endless hours in the car and airplane on our recent trip. There was no schedule for you. There was no place to nap and no fixed time to eat. There was no play time or even place for you to stretch your legs. You were either strapped inside your car seat or we were constantly telling you not to do this or that.

Through it all you stayed happy, smiling at silly songs, giggling at smallest of games. You slept as we drove and got up when we got to whatever our destination was. You lived on banana and crackers and milk. You played with sunglasses and ribbons and shoes. You ran whatever little chance you got. Not that you did not let it be known that you had enough with your ‘All dones’ the minute the car stopped, or your refusing to be held once your feet touch the ground. But not once did you complain when you were made to sit in a restaurant chair or were strapped in your car seat. You constantly entertained you self with your ‘Hi Tee’ (tree), ‘Bye Coud’ (cloud), ‘Hi Car’, ‘Bye Sea’, ‘Hi Tuck’ (truck), ‘Bye Cy’ (cycle/motorcycle) and so many more.

You were amazing my little one, beyond anything I expected. Singing ‘Wheels on the bus’ some 20,000 times or putting your shoes on some 100,00 times or dealing with a cranky you on the flight back were a small small price to pay. And we needed to pay that price because I guess we did take advantage of your being such a sweet little thing during it all. Kind of a reminder to take your needs into consideration as well. Next time my love, I promise we will do better..much better. Till then, thank you for being you and dealing so well with crazy parents like your Paa and me. Stay the happy child you are, always.

Loads of love,


58 thoughts on “Sweet child o' mine

  1. Aww I loved the title 🙂

    Buzzy if you need someone to spank mama, you know who to call :mrgreen:

    Comfy you really have the sweetest baby. My 6 year old one has started throwing tantrums when we strap him into the car seat. He used to love travelling before, but this weekend he made it sure we got to know How Bad it is to be tied on to a seat 😥

    1. Absolutely !!!!! she does deserve a spanking doesnt she !!! 😛 😛 :mrgreen: I can lend you a hand Saxy !!! 😛

      and yes… the baby is really angelic… also its a refreshing to see Momma actually realising it and jotting the memory !! 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

      so i guess we let the spanking go a miss this one time 😛

  2. I never had doubts about Buzz’s angelic nature 😀

    She is such a darling..and you guys are perfect parents for her Comfy,trust me 🙂

    Hugs to you and Buzz both-group hug 🙂

  3. My friend felt exactly the same thing u are talking about when we took baby hurricane to goa…

    and the nine month old was so good about everything including his lack of sleep. lac…i think kids adapt a whole lot more than us…it’s amazing

    and buzzie pie…muahhh muahhhh …u are just too cute!

  4. I empathize with that feeling Comfy, totally!

    Have been on the wheels for long distance trips and camping too..and when Paapu did not have a single word of complaint when we constantly kept doing everything ‘out of normal’ schedule…felt this loving pain inside. 🙂

    You guys are totally blessed and am sure Buzz will fondly remember these trips, though hectic, for all the differently new experiences she had!

    Don’t you worry mamma 😀

    A tight kiss on her chubby cheeks from me .

  5. Sho shweet Buzz…. 🙂 Special hugs to her, specially for being a darling girl and singing “Wheels of the bus goes” 20000 times !!! Its my fav song !!! 😉 😉

    Love the Hi and Bye to all things she likes… 🙂

      1. OH really…I just assumed it was Buzz singing…ha ha ha…. 🙂

        Ok, sweetie pie mommy, you also get a special hug for singing so many times… 🙂 Isnt it so wonderful to be a Mom, to such a darling child ???? Enjoy yourself, Mommy. 🙂

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