When Harry Met Sally

..err.. When AHK met Comfy..

better still.. When Paapu met Buzz..

A trip to the land of the Bay..few dozen emails back and forth..some work related hitches..a couple of phone calls later..there she walked in pushing Paapu in her stroller.

Pictures don’t do justice to the beautiful, charming, ever smiling AlwaysHappyKya, who I have to say found the perfect Blog name for herself. Her sweet laugh brightens the day and makes the sun shine a little bit more.

BUT the show shopper was Paapu. Oh my God. What a sweet, happy, gorgeous baby, with cheeks that demand to be kissed. As Amma and Comfy and the ever fidgety Buzz sat and ate lunch, sweet little Paapu sat in her car seat, chewing on her teether ring, followed by playing with her anklets and when all else failed by sucking on her thumb. Not one cry of anger or frustration from the little angel. Not even when I picked her up. She was happy playing and cooing. Such a charmer Paapu is that Buzz who is in her stay away from strangers phase reached out for Paapu the minute she saw her. And Paapu was leaning in as well. Long lost friends meeting is how these two started out with.

Buzz went on to show off her language skills after the initial meeting with chants of ‘Hi Baby’ peppered in the middle with ‘Hi Maami’, which AHK graciously agreed to be. Followed by ‘Bye Baby’ (in a loop). And when Maa refused to take hints went on to ‘Aaaallll Daaaaa’.

I know it has been said over and over again by various bloggers who meet up that it does not feel like you are meeting each other for the first time. And I will pile on for the same. There were no awkward pauses, no looking for conversation starters. Topics just came up and we talked as we ate. It was like meeting an old friends and catching up over good food.. Did I mention the food? No!! 😮 Oh well, it was awesome and for the sweet tooth me, the desserts were to die for 😛 😛

I am so glad to have met you AHK and the little sweetheart Paapu. Buzz would not stop saying ‘Hi Baby’ for the rest of the day that followed.

As for all of you reading..Eat your hearts out 😀


80 thoughts on “When Harry Met Sally

  1. 1st! 😉

    Great post Comfy. And, thanks for those ‘sunshiny’ words about me!
    Flattered 😀

    Did I miss mentioning how composed and charming you are. You so are! 🙂

    Funny how we cannot stop talking about the deserts..come back for the gajar ka halwa sometime 😀

        1. trips…comes back to look and sees the glint in the eyes of scary scribbler…uses magic cloak to disappear forever from powdered shoes and all….

          thinks about nutties…considers eating self…~

  2. I’ll have nothing new to say here 😀 Awww it will be! I can almost imagine Buzz saying ‘Hi Baby’ and ‘Hi Maami’ Awww!

  3. Wow! so cool for all of you lucky blog-buddies to live close by and get chances to meet up and have some gala time 😀 😀
    Come on ladies, book your tickets to Aus forthe Christmas break, I too wanna meet you n your super sweet cute little angels 😥 😥

  4. So it was a wonderful meet, hain na comfy?
    this is really nice that you people are getting yourself as blog buddies in this virtual world and meeting each other. 🙂

    Nice to know about the sweet little angel. 🙂

  5. I want to meet Buzz too. And yes, you too 🙂

    Its fun meeting blog pals no? When are you coming down, we could meet too 😉

    And yes, if you guys took pics at the meet, do email me. Would love to see the two little princesses together.

  6. This time is such an culprit na… it just flies and never gives a hint too…

    the last time I met some blog friends, time got jealous and the meeting ended without even saying a proper hug or a hi or a bye… except I remember a nice blue handbang.. and an adorable baby boy 🙂 and the desserts of course 😛 😛 😛

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