Ranger Program + Buzz = Laughs

We have been talking about going camping since the start of summer but my work, D’s trips, Buzz being sick, rain, my back..err..you get the idea right..kept coming in the way. The camping trip kept getting left behind. Leaves on the trees are starting to change color, announcing the impending  fall, driving D into a tizzy. Camping trip it was this past weekend.

There is a lot I can write about the trip and I will but this story is about the Ranger program that was held in the camp’s amphitheater starting around 8:30 at night, which we decided to go watch.

Picture the scene: Dark night..rows of benches..people in their PJs sitting here and there on the various benches..a lit up screen in front with some images..camp ranger talking about images on the screen as he flipped slides..

Background knowledge: If a couple of people laugh out loud, Buzz laughs out loud too.

Actual scene: The ranger cracks a joke. Everyone laughs. When everyone stops laughing, Buzz laughs out loud. Very loud and very clear in the silence of the night and the echo of the amphitheater. A child’s laughter so pure and loud amuses everyone. Everyone around laugh again. When the laughs stop..you get how the story goes do you not?? Yeah well one little child cracked up some 30 or so adults for about 5 long mins.

Background knowledge: If Buzz sees an image she has to say something to identify it.

Actual scene: The ranger talking through the slides. Buzz out loud (remember the night and echo): Tee (tree), couds (clouds), wa wa (water), boooaa (boat), flaaa (flower), Baa (for sheep..sheep Baa’s..that being the logic), caaaooow (cow..was a deer actually but oh well), chinti (for ant), cy (cycle), caa (car). Every word that she uttered drawing laughs from people around.

Background knowledge: If Maa and Paa happen to touch each other, Buzz cries out in outrage.

Actual scene: Proud, indulgent parents, all smiles at their little darlings antics, rest their heads against each other. Buzz looks up. Screams (which echos)

Nahein Papa
Nahein Maammaa

Background knowledge: If Buzz is tired (remember it was past 8:30 at night which is her bed time) and she starts crying there is no stopping her.

Actual scene: Once the screams started there was no getting her to calm down. A full-blown drama commenced. Maa and Paa ran towards their tent site to the sounds of laughs of all the people at the Ranger Program.


50 thoughts on “Ranger Program + Buzz = Laughs

  1. Awwww Awwww Awwww Awwww Awwww!

    @Mamma and Pappa: Go get a room after the child sleeps, please? Keep your hanky-panky for later. Stop making a big scene of my Buzz baby asking you to behave decently 😛

  2. Such a memorable Ranger program that must have been!! 😀

    Please let her read this specific post when she grows up …would be fun to watch the reaction 😉

    About the ‘nehi papa..nehi mamma’..now, there’s a foolproof family planning method right there 😛

    Post pics comfy..and more stories on camping trip pls!

  3. Every laugh and every word uttered on that night is so memorable na ??? Cho chweet Buzz…hugs to the little baby, for making people really laugh and smile and have fun….

    Oh those, sweet words…I’ll remember to book mark this page…if u put up a contest later… 😉 😉 see, I am preparing well… 😉

    OMG !!! Does she scream when u two touch each other ??? Oh dear…so possessive of you or daddy ???? 😉 😉

    Such a sweet post…feeling like cuddling a baby…send over Buzz… 🙂

  4. LOL @ screaming when Maa and Paa touch each other…I wonder what goes in her mind at that time 🙂

    Lovely puddle !!! I can imagine the scene when she was making everyone laugh out loud…pure fun and magic 🙂

    Muuuwah to Buzzie Pie…warm warm hugs dahling 🙂

  5. hey maa paa…

    Buzz is getting smarter day by day…
    All the best Buzzz….and all my votes goes to you baby:-)


    Ps: Check out?….Thinking what…guess

  6. I always relate with you.They go similar with laughs and saying something with picture and getting paranoid when mama n papa touch each other,the shore here is the same color as yours.

      1. awwww i get to keep her/..does the happy dance…i have spent a weekend watching a mini hurricane baby…so i hv declared me an expert and all..one hour is like bai haath ka khel..

        so send to Ms Nuts…Mumbai, india, asia, world and so on…send parcel quick

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