What happens..

..to us as we grow up

What happens to the translucent, blemish free, softest of soft skin.

What happens to silky soft, shiny, beautiful hair.

What happens to the clear, bright, brimming with mischief eyes.

What happens to the abundant, heartfelt, deep from the soul laughter.

What happens to our deep, unquestioning, abiding trust in someone.

What happens to the confidence to demand the love which is our due.

What happens to the ability to show pain when hurt.

What happens to forget and forgive and let go.


52 thoughts on “What happens..

  1. barring last one…that is I forgive but never forget..I still do all that you’ve mentioned…Yep..!!! 🙂

    Why grow up just because our age is denoting that ? It’s we and we remain the same person…just that the days go by so let them go 🙂

  2. Yes, we all change as we grow up. We think its good for us and the best thing to happen. But we always love a child’s perspective to things, than ours. All it takes is to leave off those inhibitions and be a child in lots of ways. That helps to keep the balance and makes life interesting. 🙂

    Like this post… 🙂

  3. 1. I have never had that 😦

    2. It was a bunch of coconut fibre until I started earning and could afford a straightening 😛

    3. hmmm, I’d like to think I still got it!

    4. Rare but there… Thank God for small mercies

    5. Its like energy – takes a different form, but I do think it exists

    6. Dunno!

    7. We blog 😛

    8. I am always easy on forgiving and letting go, but forgetting – na-uh 🙂

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