Back in the day, when you were bone tired, you would plop on the bed as soon as you got home and would not even move a muscle after.

Cut to present. As soon you get home, you run (yeah yeah as fast as one can run on tired legs) to the kitchen..make dinner while D gives Buzz a bath..jump along with her to get her to eat as she jumps from one toy to another, because after the day she has had she is in no mood to sit in her chair and eat..hold on to her sippy cup for her as she drinks her milk because she is too busy playing with her spoon and cup..sit next to her crib through ‘nahein nini’, ‘aaaall daaan’, ‘nahien mumaa’ with her wanting you to rub both her hands and both her feet at the same time.

Motherhood I tell you is a payback for all the time you slacked off and lazed around. So all you ladies out there without kids, chalk down as many diva moments as you can right now. There are none for you in the future. For all of you with kids..well too bad, you had kids before you read this.

You fall on the bed and are so tired you don’t even have the energy to change sides. You stay just the way you fell for long hours called sleep. In the quite of night you hear a cry for Maa. You get us..stand at the crib soothing a crying child..while the hours (mins??) drag on. Finally you crawl back to bed with your aching limbs, frozen in position unable to move.


80 thoughts on “Payback

  1. Oh shut up! You have the most adorable daughter to make up for all this. Stop complaining and give her a hug for me.

    1. You have me as your biggest follower at ‘Uninterrupted Sleep’.. Where do I go to join your Sevak group..??

      Thanks for stopping by..would love to read you blog if you are OK with it 🙂

  2. Omg so true 😦 yesterday R climbed into our bed four times and I gave up at the end of it and slept on 4 inches of space all night and I am presently a very BIG pregnant woman!

  3. “As soon you get home, you run (yeah yeah as fast as one can run on tired legs) to the kitchen..make dinner while D gives Buzz a bath..jump along with her to get her to eat as she jumps from one toy to another, because after the day she has had she is in no mood to sit in her chair and eat..hold on to her sippy cup for her as she drinks her milk because she is too busy playing with her spoon and cup” … that’s the story of my life too !! How did you know 🙂

  4. I seem to be hearing things along the similar lines even at work…from my colleagues with kids. Enjoy this life while you can… 😐 Doesn’t really encourage people to have kids, you know. 😛 Especially given that in the last 5 years, living by myself and having to tend only to myself, I’ve become a tad selfish and used to doing things to suit my needs. 😛

  5. Awww… hugs!
    yes yes! We will enjoy everything now! especially the uninterruted sleep part! 😉

    Buzz is a sweetheart! Hugs to her and hugs to her mommy as well! 🙂

  6. hahaah I like the way you’ve put it up 🙂

    Specially ‘jot down all the diva moments’…

    P.S. I loved this theme so much so that me too changed it right away…but alas…mine does not look like yours 😐 I mean It’s not that fab you see!

  7. Why are you scaring away the prospective future moms? 😦
    Oh wait, lets go back and read the awww Buzz stories, and that will change everything again! 😀

      1. That isn’t gonna work.. with so many buzz posts that make us go awww, do you really think this one measly post is gonna make us change our minds? 😛

          1. know all those contracts they make you sign..where in all the craziness there is this line which states ‘if something goes wrong, they are not to blame’..yeah so this post is that line from me 😛 😛

          1. Rays and i are the easy to scared off ones…Phew comfy and u did it well..i felt the angst…u better do Control Z soon.

            I suggest Nu and Piyu hv twins…maane u both have A baby each at the same time…So then twins will became

            And no more debate on who is first.

        1. Arrey! Your comments thing is screwed up!
          I was laughing on DI’s comment about how you are scaring us and how Buzz’s stories will convince us!
          Oh and I hae LOTS of time, need to find a guy, get married and then all this! 😀

  8. Oh well, who is even going to think of sleep when there’s an adorable baby like Buzz around? I won’t complain, not at all…this doesn’t scare me a bit 😛

  9. U r a sweetheart Comfy. Thanks for letting us know 😀
    Sigh! Cn I copy this post later when I want it 😛 U c, I can save some time for sleeping instead of keying it all again 😉

    Hugs to u 🙂 Send over Buzz for some days here 😛 I would love to spend time with her 😀

  10. Well now your post left me all confused.
    Even now when I get back from work I run towards the kitchen for I simply am a food fanatic both eating wise as well as cooking wise 😥

    And then I hardly sleep 4-5 hours on a daily basis, blame that bit on my extra adrenaline rush that I keep directing to blogging, running and what not.

    So now if I accept your warning, I can’t even come to imagine what’ll happen to me once I have a baby 😯

    You got me real scared for sure 😯 😯

  11. Ok…Mummmmmaaaaa….

    am i the only one who is scared off by the lack of the sleep and the non diva moments. Can’t i get enjoy all the fun moments and the love and have someone else deal with the sleep bit…

    The sleep bit…the sleep bit…must sleep now to make up for when i have a baby

    *walks off – psyched*

  12. {scurries inside her duvet frightened and hides}
    {puts her head out to say that the post should have a skull and bones sign to keep us clueless girls away, if not, I strongly demand for a cutsie post to reassure that life’s all well and not scary}

    PS: D’s hardwork looks like more fun

  13. With my parents here..and after they left, with MIL here, am having a smooth ride so far * knock wood *

    It’s just going home and playing with Paapu..having dinner and cleaning up bit. That’s it.

    But believe me , am thanking all my lucky stars for these days.. I know my time with aching-tired-limbs is not far away 🙂

    PS: Had to copy paste the post on a notepad. New template makes it hard to focus on the font/letters 😦

    1. Enjoy your time with your Parents and ILs..I know I did 🙂

      PS: Sorry about that..I have been working on it..I liked the brightness of the background but was not sure about the reading bit.. Changed the background now 😀

  14. And then when u in the worst and she just climbs up on your lap and makes you feel the most important person in the world…. when she looks at you adoringly as u do your make up and makes u feel the most beautiful woman on earth …. then don’t these non sleep moments seem all worth it? to be able to create the most cherished thing ever… wow Comfy u are a creator… a Mom!!!! u r lucky to be one!!!! {{{{hugs}}}

  15. I hear you!!! I’m a SAHM, but even that is taxing, tiring, and all that!! I don’t understand how they managed it in the earlier generations… and that too, without TV, Fridge and Microwave… :-()

  16. Yes Comfy, I totally understand…there are no more moments to rest, as we try to justify the trust and responsibility a child brings in our lives.

    Cute post and as a Mom already, I cant take hints… 😉

    But I tell you, after some years, you do get your share of sleep and rest and we learn to enjoy things in adult style with them. Its even more enjoyable. 🙂

  17. LOL, my day exactly with my 2 year old son! The running never stops does it! I try and tell all the cute stories to my friends and trick them into having a cutey pie:p:p:p

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