Travel Thursday – Angles Landing

1500 feet elevation gain in 2.5 miles. That should be easy. D and I smiled and left the hike for the last day at Zion National Park. Allocating about two and a half hours for it, before making our way out of Zion the same afternoon. Got up early. Packed up. Checkout of the hotel. Placed everything in the car. Took the bus to the base of Angles Landing. Started the hike around 9:00 A.M.
Zion valley looked amazing with every step we took, with meandering Virgin River and the curving national park road surrounded by beautiful Zion rock faces. The paved hike with steep switchbacks in places was not too difficult.  
View about 15 mins in to the hike
We made easy work of the first two miles. Smug smiles on our faces we stepped out of the last switch-back. Angles Landing laughed at us. The first look at the last half a mile had me shaking in my boots.
Last 1/2 Mile
Which did not even come close to what I was feeling as I walked the said last half a mile. Holding on to the chains for dear life. Less than a feet of rock with chains and 1000 feet of fall on both sides. All smugness left me. I kept walking. The aim, to get to the top without slipping.
Hold on
Having measured every step we took and watching out for where every foot went we finally made it to the top. Zion valley never looked more beautiful.
View from the top
With height adding new dimension to everything. And opening up new hidden rock formations.
The other direction
Having basked in the glorious view we turned around to head back. And it hit us all over again. Oh the first half a mile. The trail from where the easy paved part of the hike started shining like a beacon.
Spot the trail
It was ‘take a deep breath and hold on for dear life’ time again.
Here we go again

A hike like no other. A view like no other. Would we do it again. Hell yeah.


40 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Angles Landing

        1. Me threee 😉 …. now that i’m back 🙂 .. or maybe I can stay back and cuddle Buzzee and then come back n tell my friends the stories of the hike which i never went to but then how would they know :p

  1. Its wonderful and I hope to be there after my Grand Canyon trip this December *Hoping she has created enough jealousy inside Comfy’s cozy heart*

    The pics are gorgeous and I find it so inviting. It’s like they are beckoning us to scale them 🙄

    One Doubt: Can the chains be dismantled? I want to be sure that the husband doesn’t get a hold of it to strangle me 😥

    1. err.. please don’t try to scale it in December.. there is snow on these mountains and I would not want anyone trying this hike when there is snow around..

      Nope chains don’t get dismantled..but if husband wanted to get hold of something to strangle you I bet he would have found something already 😀 😀

  2. That’s exactly the kinda hike I love to do!!
    Have done a couple in India with not even the chains to hold on for dear life.
    But, was those foolish days of young-blood 😉

    Awesome pictures Comfy.

    Now the inevitable question from one mommy to another – Where was the baby? Or was it before the baby? 🙂

  3. Amazing pics Comfy. Looks like a great place to go for hiking! 🙂 And I must thank you for your kind words. They make my day! 😀

  4. Lovely pictures…awesome scenery…WOW, I am totally lost in the beauty of this place. 🙂

    My God, how did u trek…My heart would have stopped beating, after reaching there, I guess… 😉

    Superb pics…a must-visit place for sure. 🙂

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