Every time Buzz gets up during the night, I go and put her back to sleep. When she is finally up for the day, D goes and gets her to our bed where she plays between the two of us, giving us hugs, demanding her quota of kisses to start the day, laughing, drinking her milk. Till a few days back she would always call out to me whenever she got up. Day before yesterday onwards, when she is finally up..ready to face the day, we hear a faint Papa. Which then grows in volume till Paa goes and gets her to our bed.


I tell her ‘Challo Nana Nani se baat kar ke aate hein’.

I start to make my way upstairs to where the phone is kept, only to look back as Buzz screams. She is holding my HEAVY laptop. I run to take it from her, scared that she will drop it on her feet and hurt herself. As I put the laptop down and walk towards the stairs again, Buzz points to the laptop and keeps repeating ‘Nana Nani’. Well she is right. Nana Nani show up in that thing as far as she is concerned. Either as Pictures or during video chats 🙂


D is late coming home from work. The minute he opens the door, Buzz goes running to him (think Bollywood movies..think actress running towards the hero..think hero on his knees hands out open..yeah same same) for a hug. Once the hug is done she promptly makes her way to the door where all our shoes are kept. Keeps pointing to the door and keeps repeating Sheees (aka Shoes). Well serves D right to have taken her out a couple of times soon after he came home. Now do it every time 😛


Buzz’s favorite song at day care is Slippery Fish which is sung using actions for various kinds of sea animals in the song. Now every time she sees a picture of an Octopus she starts making the hand symbol for an Octopus as taught to her for the song. Keeps at it till I start singing the song. Just when I get to ‘Gulp, Gulp, Gulp’ her hands are on her face and she says ‘Oh No’ with a big smile on her face.


We head to the beach. Open a chair we are carrying and sit Buzz down on it. Move on to opening the other two chairs. She sees one of the chair being opened and keeps pointing to it. That is the chair she wants to sit in. Why, because that is the one she sat on the last time we were at the beach. Once on that chair she stands up with her back towards the back of the chair and tries to push on the chair. Why, because she fell from it, chair and all, the same way last time. And that was sooo much fun, once she got over her initial shock.


A picture of a baby in the book we are reading. Buzz says ‘Baby’. Starts to look around. Looks at me with questioning eyes and says ‘Mami’. Because to her Mami and baby are close together. Found around each other. Always. 🙂


The past month or so has seen a lot of change in Buzz. She seems to be remembering a lot of things. Making a lot more associations. Logic seems to have come in to the picture as well. Sigh is she growing up way to fast. And as much as I enjoy everything she does, a part of me is missing what she used to do..a whole lot. Life..


54 thoughts on “Learning..remembering..

  1. Pah! These mothers!! They worry when we don’t grow up as per the textbook. And then they worry if we grow up too fast. There is no pleasing them, is there Buzz dahling? *face palm*

    Comfy, can you please write something that I dont know?

  2. LOL!! on what Revs said above – that’s absolutely right. We want them reach all milestones perfectly but then we don’t want them to grow up either 😛

    And hey Revs, stop saying ‘Comfy, can you please write something that I dont know?’

    What about all of us then, huh? Grrrrrrrrrr.

  3. awww 🙂 how old buzz comfy ?? we have my three year old heighbours kid who comes home evry evening and yesterday she said “meyko school mein hansitizer mila” then when i saw it…dettol hand sanitizer !!

  4. Awww! My fave is the Bollywood scene! Can totally picture it 😀
    I am actually enjoying the changing genre of stories as Buzzie is growing up!

  5. Your SIL might be over the moon to know Buzz remembers her and the baby so well 🙂

    Wait the day is not far when you say lets speak to Nana Nani and she’ll quickly log in 😛

  6. LOL at the comments above and bollywood ishtyle..No growing up fast comfy..You are worrying too much. Its the same for parents who thing their kid is not growing
    My brothers kid is one year old and she isnt crawling yet. Now they want to get her walking already. whats the hurry? She is (and also us) missing out on one phase of her life. So just chill.

    Ofcouse this is free advice from one totally irresponsible + some how married + no kids soul..

  7. I love the bollywood ene the bestest 😛 Buzz is sure growing up fast and I can well imagine the thrill on gets on the beach chair 😉

    Btw Comfy, If I ever get pregnant your Buzz post will be the one to be blamed for sure :mrgreen: I so want a little gal all in pink now 😥

  8. I loved the way you made us imagine how she runs to give D a hug 😀 😀
    Loving the sweet way you are recording all her milestones for a wonderful read once she grows up 😀 😀

    Hugs to the growing up fairy 😀 😀

  9. sigh. you guys are in some big conspiracy no? these days, all i dream of is little baby girls. and I was really fine until I read your blog. aargh!

    you got to love a kid’s world, it’s so perfect, no ? mom and baby always together. lovely, that one was 🙂

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