Big Deal

Not sure if it really is as big a deal as am I making it out to be..but for me it is huge. Probably the biggest milestone since Buzz took her first step.

Tonight as I was putting her to sleep, she said:

Mumaa nahin nini

Buzz has been talking up a storm lately and as I found out during our vacation, she speaks even more words than I knew, since she picked them up at daycare and never used them at home. But what makes today special is that she spoke her first complete sentence. Not words here and there but stringing a few words together in a way that they made sense.

So what if she was saying, she did not want to sleep. So what if she kept on at it till her eyes refused to stay open. So what if she was fighting sleep. So what if she forced herself to get up after she had been asleep for a few minutes to shorten her sentence to:

Nahin nini

This is a huge deal for me. I can’t stop smiling, even though it has been a couple of hours since sleep finally took over for her. Today I am celebrating..err no you don’t get to ask with what, since I have been thinking about the how and where for the past hour and can’t come up with anything.. And no I will not let that bring me down. I am happy happy. That is what counts.

Aah 3 little words how I love thee


46 thoughts on “Big Deal

    1. And first!! I think this is the first time I’m first, so yay 😀

      Btw, at this speed, I am sure it wont be long, before li’l Buzzie starts blogging!

  1. You are a mom – automatically allowed to celebrate every little thing that your little one does

    The Good – Buzz is able to articulate her feelings so well
    The Bad – you have to deal with a sleepy kid insisting that she’s not sleepy – not a fun task !

  2. Congratulations Comfy 😛
    It is indeed a huge milestone for our little fairy and her mum 🙂
    It’s time to enjoy all her naughty thoughts out in the form of words to give your puzzled mind a deeper insight what the little fairy has been thinking 😉 😉
    Love that header 😀 😀

  3. The first sentence 😀 Big milestone huh 😀
    Hold up your milk bottle Buzzie pie, lemme raise a toast to Maa’s future happily filled with your non-stop chatter 😀

  4. The header is awesome nam!

    and this IS huge accomplishment. I mean, we have just been following buzz baby’s milestones and I totally broke into a grin when I read that she came up with a sentence.

    And I can only imagine how overwhelmingly nice it would be for you. yenjoy!

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