First time Buzz saw one was in a book. It was one of the many things she saw in the book. The reaction was more of ‘Don’t Care’ variety.


The next time she saw one was while I had taken her to the park. The big sound had her looking up. So I told her again what it was. She smiled.


The same day I showed her the book again and told her what it was. She smiled..called it ‘pain’..lifted her hand up to tell me that is where she saw it..up high.


Since then she gets all excited every time she spots one. Smiles..waves b-bye..claps her hand. She even recognizes the sound it makes and lifts her hand up and says ‘pain’ even when she is indoors.


Somewhere down the line she add ‘a’ to the ‘pain’ and came up with ‘a-pain’.


And then we, Buzz and I, took a short vacation. Headed to the airport. There were ‘a-pain’ all around. She did not stop pointing in this direction and that..clapping her hands..eyes big with wonder.


We sat inside one but the realization lacks for now. What she did understand was that the wing we could see from our window was that of one. So according to her an ‘a-pain’ was next to us all the time we were inside that crowded place where everyone sat and did nothing else for a LONG time.


Exact same thing happened on our way back..at the airport and then as we flew.


Now that we are back, she keeps remembering ‘a-pain’ at random times. While having dinner..while playing..while taking a bath..while sleeping. Yes chants of Maa have been replaced by ‘a-pain’ when she is in deep sleep at midnight.


Someday soon my love you will realize that you are sitting in one and flying from one place to another. Will not get excited on seeing one. Will move to calling it airplane. But till you do, I am enjoying your special enthusiasm for one 🙂


46 thoughts on “a-pain

  1. I know all of this already! But still.. Awww!

    Put her on an a-pain again and bring her to see Akka, you evil Maa!

  2. I am not sure that anyone gets over with enthusiasm of seeing “a-pain”…I am a daughter of an aircraft engineer and even after 20-odd years I still love seeing one…wishing luck and happy holidays to the lucky ones inside…or is that just the child in me refusing to grow? Wierdly, i have a similar enthusiasm when I see a rainbow…I just cannot stop looking at it…

    1. I think we all have things we hold on from when we were a child. Things we get excited about for years and years. In your case it is the airplane..not sure what it would be for Buzz. Maybe ‘a-pain’ will stay..maybe not.. 🙂

  3. A-pain ???? Thats so sweet toddler blah blah…love such words…keep educating us more on such words…so, I can score well, if u plan to keep a test. 😉

    Enjoy every moment with the little one. 🙂 Isn’t it lovely to hear them talk ???

    I still use those blah blah words with my girls…I just love them…but they roll their eyes at me and say – Ma, dont be so childish… 🙄

    So, enjoy it all that u can. 🙂

  4. a-pain is going to be on my tongue now on for the air plane 🙂

    More of Buzz stuff comfy ma..please ?

    Hows your back by the way..? will catch up online..I mean on gtalk 🙂

    1. I call it ‘a-pain’ too. I think like Uma said she will outgrow it soon but I will be stuck with ‘a-pain’ for a looooong time to come.. 🙂

      Back is getting better. Thanks for checking on me 🙂

  5. Trust me comfy the excitement and cheer on spotting an a-pain isn’t going to fade anytime soon 😉 😉 I know it for it has been with me for over two decades 😉 😉

  6. Aww how cute!! I remember ten years back when I was working in Santa Cruz and on my walk from the train station to the office, I would stop and look at each and every plane that flew up in the sky. I was so continually amazed by it…That fascination hasnt yet faded away now after countless international and domestic trips. It just gets replaced by an excitement to pack a bag and get on a plane and travel. I think Buzz is going to be an avid traveller 🙂

    1. You stay close to SantaCruz?? That is what I think of when someone says they see a-pains all the time.. 😀 😀

      Sigh B’bay..when when..don’t care about her..I WANT TO GO VISIT.. 😥

  7. lol @ “the wing is part of one and everyone sits and does nothing in the crowded place”

    you know, one of the many special things about buzz posts is that they are written from her eye view. cuddles to the baby!

  8. LOL!! Know wat? I cringed at the title and hurried to read the content of the post to see how and why was Buzz in pain!

    It’s not even close to what I thought * knock on wood * Budhu me..is SO glad 😀

    Loveeeeee the kiddos enthusiasm..but it did pinch a tiny-weeny bit when her maa was replaced by a a-pain, did it? 😉

    Buzzie dear..grow up and be a A-pain pilot..or better still an astronaut..fly high up into the clouds and the universe 🙂

    1. No Budhu..the title was meant for you to jump to that conclusion 😀

      I can’t wait for you to tell us such stories about Paapu..which reminds me..post already..we want to know about her.. so po po.. write..

  9. aww she is soooo cute! ‘a-pain’ indeed…lol!
    all u mommy bloggers are making me want to have kids now! and to think that i hvnt even found the perfect guy yet! *sigh*

    it reminds me of when my little bro used to say stuff like
    “main khana kha rahi hoon”
    “main naha rahi hoon”
    “main khel rahi hoon”
    apparantly i was a strong influence on him! 😛

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