Travel Thursday – Oregon Sand Dunes

Oregon cost is beautiful but what makes them interesting are the Sand Dunes. To gaze at a point where you don’t know where the dunes end and the beach begins. Amazing.

Ocean say hello to the dunes
Ocean say hello to the dunes

And then on the other side of the dunes are lakes and streams. So the Sand Dunes are in fact sandwiched between two water bodies for most part.

Dunes over the lake
Dunes over the lake

Sand Dunes also means ATV and Biker haven. There are outfitters where you can get ATVs and bikes for rent or you can bring your own and ride up and down the dunes.

Top of the dune
Top of the dune

One word of advice if you are renting them from one of the outfitters though, take one ATV or bike per individual. Don’t say you would to ride tandem since these for hire vehicles are very low in power and will see you stuck in a sand pit no sooner than you start off, leaving you to walk back to the outfitter and get someone to help you get unstuck while still on the hourly clock.

Coming down
Coming down

 The dunes look scary when you are on top but they are not so bad as you start making your way down, till you see someone perform a trick or two which then makes your head spin and your hands shake. But worth it for sure 🙂


34 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Oregon Sand Dunes

  1. WOW !!! I just love the sandwiching of the sand dunes between 2 water bodies…isn’t nature at its best ??? 🙂 🙂

    The ride seems like the perfect fun outing…love this place. Is your WW pic too from this place ???

    The blue sky contrasting with the white sand is absolutely beautiful. 🙂

    I am saving all these travel Thursdays, for my future trips… 😉

    1. Nature is the best one comes close.. 🙂

      TT are always about WW yeah WW pic was from this place.

      Glad you like TT posts.. and am glad you can plan your trips around them .. 😀 😀

      You made my day with your awesome comment 😀

  2. Nams Nams, did you guys sing and dance to ‘Afreen Afreen’ you posing as Lisa Ray? 😀

    Sand dunes are the next on my list for a loooong time now – lets see how things work out. In Egypt that is 🙂

    1. You see Lisa see Me?? Still you ask?? 😐 😐

      Plus too much sand to wear skimpy clothes.. 😛 😛

      Egypt is beautiful or so D tells me..go visit and then tell me.. OK 🙂

  3. I wondered for a second after seeing first two pics. how the color changed ? Then I read it says “lake”.
    so did you ride the bike ? and there are no camels I suppose ? 😦

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