The Consequence..

..of taking a short break after working crazy hours and almost no sleep, for months at end, is..

..that you get to spend a lot of time with your little one..
..that you laugh a lot..
..that you get to hear and be surprised by the new words the little munchkin is speaking now..
..that you sleep around 11 hours every day..
..that you see how the little terror on foot interact with other kids..
..that your back gives out and you can’t even stand up straight..
..that you spend the entire day on the floor on your back..
..that your little girl spends the entire day sitting on your stomach, treating it like a trampoline..
..that you have 3 hours of flight time to look forward to..just little Buzz and you..

Time to bring out those pain meds me thinks.. 😐


58 thoughts on “The Consequence..

  1. back ache ? Oh O !! Take good care of it !

    Rest of the things sounded real fun 🙂 have a nice time with buzzie pie and churn out some posts for us to enjoy too 🙂

  2. You are growing old woman! tsk tsk tsk 😛 😛 😛

    Churning up a post with the expanded vocab of the little hurricane? 😀

    PS: Take care, back is very delicate and important part of your body…

  3. Aww… so sweet.. I feel pretty much the same way 🙂 Totally cherish the moments I have with my brat, even the terrible days are Ok in retrospect 🙂

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