Month: July 2010

Story Time

Ever since Buzz was little she loved listening to animal sounds. They could grab her attention and calm her down in as long as it took for one animal sound to get through. To build on this amazing find of soothing her, I made up a story.

Eak baar eak Dog aaya
Maa ne dog se puchaa, dog dog tu meri Buzz saath khelega kya?
To dog bola, Woof Woof

Once a dog came
Maa asked the dog, dog dog will you play with my Buzz
The dog said, Woof Woof

And so we go on to Cat and Cow and Duck and Sheep and Lion and Chicken and Turkey and Pig and Goose..

It works like a charm and she listens and smiles at the various sounds being made. But this past weekend she took it a step further.

Me: Eak baar eak Cow aayi
Buzz: Mooo

I could not stop smiling for hours after. Small milestones, big reasons to smile 🙂

What you expect brilliance from me in my story? It works and both Buzz and I are happy. So no making fun of my story OK. OK..

Buzz Talk – Decoded

The way we understand what Buzz says is because she points to things and speaks out loud. That helps BIG time. You guys were not so lucky were you? 😀 😀

To be honest with you there were a lot of trick words that I did not expect anyone to get..and well no one got them 😛 😛 but for the rest the easiest way to get was to say them out loud. Not look at them as they were spelled, because I wrote them to make the sound just the way Buzz says them. Here is what the talk decodes to:

  1. tataaie – Butterfly
  2. bubug – Ladybug
  3. aooooe – Owl
  4. wawa – Water/Watch
  5. taaie – Tiger
  6. shiis – Fish
  7. mo mo – No No
  8. aeppe – Apple
  9. taecker – Tractor
  10. nun – Sun

Bonus Question: Well, it was on demand by the Jury.. Adding aie at end of things is a very Buzz thing to do so discarding that Kakaaie – becomes Kaka. Which was her attempt at saying Akka. Jury..Akka get it?? 🙂

And how cool is our Jury? Had tallied all the answers and had the winner waiting for me. All I did was read all the comments and laugh. The Jury did all the hard work. So without further ado. The winners are:

ChatterBox and IHM with 3 points each.

Buzz talk

Past one month has seen an explosion of chatter that Buzz is up to. New words are pouring in everyday. Leaving the poor parents scrambling to understand what is being said. But why should you guys be left behind. You should feel the pain as well, right. So gear up, it is time to catch up on Buzz talk.. Guess what she means when she says the following:

  1. tataaie
  2. bubug
  3. aooooe
  4. wawa
  5. taaie
  6. shiis
  7. mo mo
  8. aeppe
  9. taecker
  10. nun

I leave with you only 1o for now. That should keep you all busy for a while. I might even give out a badge to the one with the most correct answers. But that would have to mean one person is barred from the guessing game. So how about we make her the jury again  🙂

So go on..put on your thinking caps and start guessing :mrgreen: 

Edited to Add: Bonus Question -Tell me what Kakaaie means. Earn double points.

All entries by Monday 10:30 P.M. IST are valid.

Travel Thursday – Lake Louise to Banff

Highway 1 and 1-A both lead from Lake Louise to Banff. Highway 1 being the fastest way to get there, where are 1-A being the scenic byway. We made our way between the two places so much that we took both almost equally.

1-A is a travelers paradise. Long stretches of empty roads. Bikers in hordes making their way back and forth. Cars parked on the side of the road with people off on hikes or taking in the various waterfalls. Campsites. People having a picnic next to the river. Deer, Moose and sometimes Bear spotting.

Standing alone

Unsurpassed beautiful grasslands and meadows, towered by gorgeous mountains. The greens of the trees..the brown of the mountains with hints of white snow..the blue sky dotted by white-gray clouds. The sheer beauty of the place is a must see.   


The most prominent being the castle mountain. Seen from miles away. The shape of it making it stand out from all else.    

Castle mountain

 But not to be left behind Highway 1 has the amazing Rundle mountain. The jagged peaks, reaching out to the sky, makes an amazing picture when the clouds are lower because the two seem to merge and it looks like the clouds are cutting the mountain.   

Rundle Mountain

And then there is the drive along Bow River with its blue-green water. How can one not be caught up in the beauty of it all.   

Bow River

 The drive that no one can remain aloof in. You can’t help but get caught in the beauty that is Banff. And it stays with you years after you visited the place. A must do for everyone. You will not be left unmoved.

Pure unadulterated love.. when picture of every beautiful women that our eyes fall upon, we point to and call them Maa..

So far Mrs Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Ms. Zinta have all been thought of as Maa. Along with hoards of female climbers, from the climbing magazine Paa loves to show us, blonds..brunettes..redheads, no bar..have all been called Maa.

When Maa is gazed upon with such love tinted glasses she is beautiful is she not..and that makes Maa soooo happy.. Aah Vanity.. 😀 😀