Travel Thursday – Antelope Canyon

We were in Hawaii. An art gallery attracted me. I stepped in. As I walked around a set of photographs caught my attention. I gazed upon them for endless minutes. There was no indication where the pictures were taken. I walked out. But the images stayed with me.

The next time we were planning a vacation. I tried endlessly to find this place. Saw images of Zion National Park and thought I had hit the mark. Trip was planned and executed upon. I loved Zion, a lot. But did not find the one thing I had planned the entire trip around. On our way back, as is our custom, we stopped at a souvenir store to buy a coffee mug for our places visited coffee cup collection. I saw the image I had dreamed dreams around on one cup. Picked it up and walked up to the cashier. While paying up, got talking to the lady at the checkout counter. 

Only interiors of Zion are similar to what I was looking for, I was told. Which would mean multiple day backpacking trip. But the image on the mug was taken at the Antelope Canyon. A few hours’ drive off of Zion.

Antelope Slot Canyon was written down in bold with the next place to visit. I read up extensively on it. Gazed on un-countable pictures online, each more stunning that the previous.

Somewhere around the end of last year, the guys..D, Bhaiya, Papa..started planning a boys road trip. D having caught up on my obsession for this place mapped the route of the road trip to pass through Antelope, leaving a very long faced me behind.

Every time I see these pictures, I want to hit D for going there without me. Every time I see these pictures, I want to pick up and go visit. Every time I see these picture, I go green with envy.

58 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Antelope Canyon

  1. Thank you , Thanks so much!

    Breathtaking pics..and such a lovely find Comfy!

    Have added Antelope Canyon to our travel list right away. We might be going as soon as next month.

    Wanna join? 🙂

    1. booohooo..some people are so mean..rubbing it in.. 😥

      D said it was a couple of hours worth of visit, so plan accordingly. Hope you love the place as much as the pictures make me love it.. 🙂

      1. Quick update: Hubby said Arizona is on cards for Thanksgiving hols November. If you haven’t planned anything for the hols..why not meet up here?


        * prays hard for Comfy to agree ..wanna meet Buzzie so dearly* 😀

        1. Plans for Thanksgiving are nowhere close to being thought about, but will sure keep Arizona in mind 🙂

          A trip to your land might be on the cards sooner..will let you know 🙂

  2. So, this is the one on WW !!! 🙂 Love it Comfy !!! And thanks for all the info…I don’t know when I’ll go there, but have it on my must see places list. 🙂

    Antelope Canyon !!! WOW !!! Its really beautiful, breathtaking – the colors and the design on rocks !!! Never thot of such beauty in rocks !!!! Really a fab place to go….how did u miss it ???? U shld have gone too…. 🙂

  3. God! I am nt sure if the person would hv all his limbs intact if he hd left me and gone there 😛 😛

    Awesome pics Comfy 😀

    1. I took every vacation time possible after Buzz was born so could not take days off. And D had been working crazy hours so he needed a vacation. So with very very long face I let him go 😐

  4. Whoa! That’s so beautiful, all plans to give D his due are totally justified! Now blackmail him for a second trip, this time with you!

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