Story Time

Ever since Buzz was little she loved listening to animal sounds. They could grab her attention and calm her down in as long as it took for one animal sound to get through. To build on this amazing find of soothing her, I made up a story.

Eak baar eak Dog aaya
Maa ne dog se puchaa, dog dog tu meri Buzz saath khelega kya?
To dog bola, Woof Woof

Once a dog came
Maa asked the dog, dog dog will you play with my Buzz
The dog said, Woof Woof

And so we go on to Cat and Cow and Duck and Sheep and Lion and Chicken and Turkey and Pig and Goose..

It works like a charm and she listens and smiles at the various sounds being made. But this past weekend she took it a step further.

Me: Eak baar eak Cow aayi
Buzz: Mooo

I could not stop smiling for hours after. Small milestones, big reasons to smile 🙂

What you expect brilliance from me in my story? It works and both Buzz and I are happy. So no making fun of my story OK. OK..


64 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. Aww to Buzz
    and what brilliant plot of the story 😛
    talk about re-usability of the script and animal name is surely input parameter ! 😉 😆
    Go Comfy ! 😀 😀

      1. Oh yes definitely Comfy. I can tell the woodcutter and his saw story for years ! My stories are as long as hunumaan tail 😆

        no but mums leave me in complete awe when they come up with characters and stories for kids. What imaginations and very entertaining ! 😀

  2. cute and so funny..i just got back from my sister’s house and the little one (she just turned one) does a lot of funny things. If we ask her, how does dad snore? she makes this grrrrr sounds that are so cute..
    Hopw buzz stays happy! How old is buzz?

  3. Awww she is an intelligent child 😀
    hugs baby 😀

    Comfy pliss to invoke the function by passing ‘elephant’ and ‘sparrow’ as the parameter as well 😀
    I love them both 😀
    One makes cute sounds, the other is chubbily cute 😀

    1. One can pass whole set of parameters can they not ? Starting from Maa, Pa, Buzz, Nani, Dadi one and all ! 😉 😆

      Now let me run before comfy decides to ban me from her blog !!

  4. Comfy, youe comment section is as entertaining as your posts and times like this, ROFL funny!

    BTW, Mooooo..ah * kisses * to Buzz, may she woof-woof, baa-baa, quack-quack, oink-oink, meow-meow…very soon 🙂

  5. woof… woof… shilpa aayi …woof woof. …
    🙂 cute na…. do you sing this one to her… “In the jungle, the mighty jungle…the lion sleeps tonite” …. from lion king….
    the kids here love it and all the cry babies stop crying the moment they listen to it… esp the “jingarak jingarakka” tune…

  6. whatta story…short and crisp and with all flavours 🙂 mum is also learning to be intelligent in Buzz’s company 😉

  7. Comfy u really should try your hand at fiction…That was awesome babe!! U could be comfy rushdie

    And little buzzie pie….u say moo also…such a big baby u became…Comfy can u like put up an audio or something of her…bubbly baby…

    1. Yeah..yeah..the high on awesome first story is still going stong I see..that you want everyone to write now.. 😛 😛

      WordPress does not let you upload audio files for no audio files 😐

  8. Cho chweet !!! 🙂 Special hugs to Buzz !!! 🙂

    The story worked well to do the purpose – becos of which milestone has been achieved. So, great going Mom !!! 🙂 Loved it. 🙂 Is there a proud smile lingering near your lips…. 😉

  9. That was a super cute version of the “Old Mc Donald had a farm”
    Loved the simplicity of your story comfy, I can imagine buzz’s antiipation to get to the sound line so that she can produce the sound giggle along with you for a long time 😛 😛
    Super cute 😛
    Hugs to smart mum and cute buzz fairy 🙂

  10. Awwww Buzz. U r learning sooo many things. Mamma, very soon she will ask u for tataie and bubug sounds too 😛 😛

  11. I can so relate to this,as always.
    A moo-mooing could feed her ands top some tantrums.
    Also she loves to hear animal sounds,if you are showing her videos,there is a good one on the web for animal videos,i have downloaded one.

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