Buzz Talk – Decoded

The way we understand what Buzz says is because she points to things and speaks out loud. That helps BIG time. You guys were not so lucky were you? 😀 😀

To be honest with you there were a lot of trick words that I did not expect anyone to get..and well no one got them 😛 😛 but for the rest the easiest way to get was to say them out loud. Not look at them as they were spelled, because I wrote them to make the sound just the way Buzz says them. Here is what the talk decodes to:

  1. tataaie – Butterfly
  2. bubug – Ladybug
  3. aooooe – Owl
  4. wawa – Water/Watch
  5. taaie – Tiger
  6. shiis – Fish
  7. mo mo – No No
  8. aeppe – Apple
  9. taecker – Tractor
  10. nun – Sun

Bonus Question: Well, it was on demand by the Jury.. Adding aie at end of things is a very Buzz thing to do so discarding that Kakaaie – becomes Kaka. Which was her attempt at saying Akka. Jury..Akka get it?? 🙂

And how cool is our Jury? Had tallied all the answers and had the winner waiting for me. All I did was read all the comments and laugh. The Jury did all the hard work. So without further ado. The winners are:

ChatterBox and IHM with 3 points each.


61 thoughts on “Buzz Talk – Decoded

  1. Butterfly, Ladybug, Owl, Tiger…Oh, no..I faired real bad, didn’t I? 😉

    Pointing out should help big time..hehe.

    Now that I re-read it, seemed pretty obvious those pronunciations.

    “Gujjo!’ Jury Akka 😛 ( thats for ‘Good Job’ as heard from a cousins kid)
    Beautiful prize pic from you again Comfy. 🙂

  2. Congrats CB and IHM, for decoding the most difficult code ever, in this world. 😉 🙂

    It was very tough, Comfy…really, more than the CAT !!! 🙂 Thats why I failed…he he he…

    Lots of hugs to Buzz who kept us all on toes, decoding the whole day…. 🙂

  3. okay, so here comes my #facepalm moment. I came in to type my entries now, and for once I thought I was submitting the entry well ahead of time(I thought the deadline was on Tuesday.)

    but yeah, with the entries I have here, mine would have been a “-1” score. I was so close to figuring out “apple” and then decided it must have been “happy”.

    Congratulations winners!

    Next time, i’m going to set me an alarm 😦

  4. Woo maiii Gaaaad! Hw on earth ws I supposed to know our Buzzu-pie knows ladybug 😛 And here I ws thinking abt the simplest words possible 😉 WTG sweet-heart!

  5. Heh. My translations were better! 😛 😛 😛 Next time I’m on that side of your country I’ll teach her… 😀 😀 😀

  6. OK let me say that this is real big mean of you two – jury and Comfy.. I go out on a weekend and you put up a contest that I could easily win even if it was at par with the other two…

    Not not not fair at all… 😐

    The only joy from all this is Buzz calling Revs a kakaai… {heheheh :lol:}

    Comfy – hmph 😐 I KNEW what wawa was… 😦
    {sulks big time in a dark corner}

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