Pure unadulterated love..

..is when picture of every beautiful women that our eyes fall upon, we point to and call them Maa..

So far Mrs Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Ms. Zinta have all been thought of as Maa. Along with hoards of female climbers, from the climbing magazine Paa loves to show us, blonds..brunettes..redheads, no bar..have all been called Maa.

When Maa is gazed upon with such love tinted glasses she is beautiful is she not..and that makes Maa soooo happy.. Aah Vanity.. 😀 😀


88 thoughts on “Pure unadulterated love..

      1. perfectly said, comfy!

        When I have a daughter, I’ll put up a board outside the house that says:
        leasing/renting/(cheap)sale !!!!
        Item : “someone” who’s now ignoring me
        Uses : Yet to be discovered

  1. Hmmm…so having a baby equals attention from someone!!! and good type of attention…ok i am game…

    can someone volunteer for the nappy changing and responsibility bit.

    P.s. Comfy i get a feeling that buzz might just be bang on, in calling maa beautiful!

  2. LOL! I am going to adopt Buzz’s perspective right away. Last seen Nikki was heard calling the verrry hot looking Scarlett Johannson on the latest Mango catalogue mama ahahahaha!

  3. Awww how cute!! R was telling me today how she wants to be just like Mommy – and wants her skin to be as soft as mine and her hair to be like mine and on and on – I need to be a better role model for my baccha 🙂

  4. Sooooooooooooooooooo sweet!!!!! I remember the time Brat used to watch ultra-slim-romantic couples on screen and say ‘that looks just like my Amma and Appa’ 🙂

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