Waaa waaa waaa

Remember when I did the post about Buzz hitting the stool because it hurt her? Yeah that one. So since then I have been trying to teach her not to hit anything that hurts her.

A scenario that repeats itself multiple times a day goes something like so:

Buzz is running around playing. Not paying attention to where she is going. Which results in her hitting say, ‘a wall’ and hurting herself. She then comes crying to me holding the body part hurt, say ‘her head’ and pointing to the said ‘wall’, all the while whining and massaging the said hurt ‘head’. When she tries to run back to go hit the poor ‘wall’ for the sheer audacity of hurting Buzz, I pick her up, walk up to the wall and precede to talk to the wall.

Gandi deewaar..Buzz ko maarti hei..Maarna achi baat nahien hoti..aage se mat maarna..theek hei

(Bad wall. You hit Buzz. Hitting is not a good thing to do. Don’t hit again. OK)

After which Buzz goes back to her toys and I go back to doing whatever it was I was doing before.

True to form the same thing happened again a few days back. Buzz slipped and fell down. Came running to me, massaging her leg, pointing to the floor. And then ran right back to the floor. Sat down almost exactly where she fell down. Pointed index finger at the floor and said:

Waaa waaa waa waa waaa

in the exact same tone I scold the various objects around the house. I promptly fell down on the floor clutching my stomach laughing hard.


56 thoughts on “Waaa waaa waaa

  1. How cute 🙂
    This recorder mode will bring up more twists and turns. 😛 Other day dad of 2 year old was saying now she scolds him like he does to her. and the daughter in his lap says ” badmaash” at that instant !! 😆

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha .. I just can’t stop laughing. She is soooo cute 😛
    I like the new words .. I wil use it next time too 😉 Helps @ work I think 😉

  3. So far am making the mistake of scolding and advising lil one,probably i shld start it with objects to hear one like this.
    A lovely episode indeed,hugs to Buzz.

  4. lol! the walls must be very scared now!

    she’s got the waa waa part. she just has to get “ka ka”. And then she’ll sing waka waka and dance too! you just wait 😀

  5. There we go again! Once more a chapter straight out of my life 🙂 I can be seen on most days scolding the windowpane/ grill/ chair/ latest object which Nikki has bumped into, I’m sure the neighbors think I’m nuts!

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