Daughters of mine

Somewhere along my journey in to the blog world, I got adopted. Don’t remember when..don’t remeber how..but I am e-Maa now. And the more I get to know my e-daughter..the more amazed I am at similarities between her and Buzz. Somewhere between getting really mad at Buzz and being upset about her e-Akka I started making a mental list of things that both of them do, which drives me nuts.

What better way to get it all out of my system than to blog about it. So here goes nothing:

  • Drama Queens: One takes up half the blog world in her torn chaddi till there is absolutely no one standing in her way. Bites and scratches at every perceived slight. Talaks at a minutes’ notice. And has perfected the art of 🙄 . The other can be seen laying down on the floor face down, hands and legs flailing, big fat tears running down her cheeks just because she did not get her way. Oh and if she starts the drama on a hardwood floor, is also seen slowly crawling towards the carpet so that she can continue her full-blown drama in complete comfort.
  • Dinner haters: Battles are fought over dinner. Every single morsel going in is measured and weighed. One throws out food showed in her mouth. The other refuses to have dinner all together making a meal out of yoghurt.
  • Sleep resisters: We have no concept of how to get some sleep. NONE. One will whine and crib, but will not switch her laptop long enough to catch a shut-eye. And if the unthinkable happens and the eyes refuse to stay open, she can be found up and online at the weirdest of hours, ‘because I slept no Maa’. Someone needs to dunk that laptop in water or something. Just need to find that someone and bribe him/her. Is there someone out there?? Can anyone hear me?? The other..sigh..if only the other one stops moving for a minute, sleep would take over. But no Sir..that goes against the very grain. So move..move..move..till Maa gets so mad that her options are to step out of the room or hit something 😐 Maa chooses to step out of the room and cry angry tears.
  • Restless souls: Action is life. Staying still is not an option. One is always running from one thing to other. One toy..to a book..to the blocks..to the stackable train..to climbing on the couch..to hanging off the couch..to running to the door wanting out..to.. who knows what. Always on the move to make poor Maa’s head spin and leave the house a complete mess. The other..well the other is always on the go in a different sense. Can’t take a day off and relax. Even half a day spend home doing nothing is a call for big sad faces..crib fest..constant reference to ‘I am bored’..’I need to do something’.
  • Laptop hogs: Laptop is life for one. Cannot stay away from it. It is the last thing she looks at before sleep takes over. And the first thing her hand reaches out to when she opens her eyes in the morning. The other..oh give her the laptop and she can find shortcut keys that Maa/Paa have not figured out. Open things that leaves Maa scratching her head. Laptop is her favorite toy and her eyes always follow Maa just in case Maa’s hands touch the laptop. Then everything is dropped and she comes running. Bangs on it..sees things move..new things open up. What fun I tell you..NOT.
  • Toothbrush lovers: Aah toothbrush. One can chew and chew on hers with her eight tiny little teeth and then cry big big tears when that poor mangled thing is taken from her. The other can’t stop talking about brushing her teeth and flaunting her one extra teeth that Brahma gave her.
  • Language Coach: I am learning two new languages right now. And this is when I am bad at languages. My head hurts with all the extra work. But I now have learned meanings of ‘po’..’poren’ (with propah pronunciation) ..’paavam’ ..’illa’ ..’sollu’ ..’abhishtu’ ..’maramandai’. I am also finally deciphering Buzz talk. Shoe, sit and fish are all sheee. Moon, more, cow moos are all mooo.
  • Joy givers: There the reason I keep both of them around. Because at the end of the day, a single happy smile from them makes me smile. Their outlook to life and constant chatter is infectious. They smile..they laugh..they giggle..they make life interesting.

I always heard people say no parents have similar kids. They are always poles apart. So I wonder how did I get stuck with two of the same kind? Two daughters who press all my motherly buttons the exact same way? Sigh.. whatever. Buzz and her e-Akka..two daughters of mine. And I am keeping them.


46 thoughts on “Daughters of mine

  1. I smiled through the whole post 🙂 And I am so very very touched, right now. Let me go revel in this happiness and that humble feeling for a while. When I’m done, I’ll come back and wage a war with you for some therapy-needing things you have written about my baby sister and me! Be scared. Be VERY scared!

  2. As long as they bring that smile on your face and fill your heart with joy, the other little things they do can be forgive. 🙂

    Hugs to Maa and her daughters.

    1. Oh please..she is all yours..but you don’t get to send her back when she is up at 3:00 at night and refuses to sleep or when she throws everything she can reach on the floor.


  3. comfy…very very sweet of you to write something this….errr…sweet. 😀 buzz and e – daughter are infinitely lucky. 🙂

  4. Man, you’ve got your hands full alright! 😀 Two daughters so similar, I can imagine how much effort goes into managing them 🙂
    Awesome post, hehe! I am still smiling at the similarities!

  5. Goood idea…can I adopt one e-daughter 😀 pls…to shower my maternal instincts may be… 😀

    shuch a shweeet posht 😀

  6. I just loved the way the whole post goes…talking abt the 2 daughters – Buzz and e-akka !!! So, who is this e-akka ????

    LOL @ language coaching !!! U are learning tamil huh ????

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