Tumne naa jaana..ke mein deewana

Mountain L:

Lekar aaya huin, dil kaa nazraana..
Mere dil ke hai jo daastaan.
Sunoo na sunoo na sunoo na..
Humsafar mujh he ko chunlo na.

Mountain R:

*Looks away..nose in the air* all the time *mann mein ladoo phooting*

You people made this the perfect June and I can’t thank you enough for it. I had so much fun hosting these contest, reading all the comments and working with the Jury to pick the winners. As the month ends..the contests come to an end too. But who knows might bring them back once in a while..when work catches up again and I want to read something funny 🙂

Now on to the winners:

Ms Rays: For counting crows
Dido: Aur tum 😀
Piyu: Sigh humans
Ms. SmartAss: For a clean sweep of all the contest with her amazing wit.. this time for ‘Passing Gas’

Congratulations all four of you. You ladies rock 😀 😀


24 thoughts on “Tumne naa jaana..ke mein deewana

      1. And please don’t stop your contests, I really have fun thinking about the captions and reading all of them!!! (nothing to do with the fact that I won twice 😛 )

  1. Ohhh my god…. u serioussss i won?????????? lollllllll

    thankssssss comfyyy….. YAYYYYY


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