Sinfully me

A tag that has taken the blog world by storm – ‘My Sins against Gender-Stereotypes’. Created by IHM and passed on to me by The Bald Guy and Priya

Here goes my list of 10 things that I have done which I am not supposed to as a woman:

  1. I kept my last name after I got married.
  2. I was forever the first one to climb trees and climb the highest. Roll in the mud and come out the dirtiest. Take a fall and come back with scraped knees.
  3. I have stayed alone in an empty hostel which generally bustles with 100+ women and not cared there was no one around.
  4. I was the resident ‘Chipkali Chaser’ during the hostel days.
  5. I have travelled alone more times than I can count, taking both domestic and international trips. One of which included taking a 3 month old baby to India and back. The number of raised eyebrows for that one where too many to count.
  6. I hate shopping with a vengeance and am known to avoid it as much as I can.
  7. I don’t go the whole makeup/jewelry route. Most of the makeup stuff I got (read was bought for me) during the wedding has not been opened yet (read one lipstick and one eyeliner got opened and are now eating dust as well). Same goes for jewelry. The only jewelry I wear is my wedding band.
  8. I work late, weekends when I have to. I have been known to come home way past midnight when work takes over.
  9. I am the official ‘read the instruction manual and figure out how things will fit together’ in the assemble it yourself gadgets and furniture that we buy. And am known for finishing most of these task by myself.
  10. I love to drive and can never be one of those who will not drive when a guy is around. I like the sense of being in control, at going the speed I want to, at taking the route I want to take. No inputs required. Thank You very much.

I would like to tag Misty, Piyu, DI, Rani, Sonia, Geeta, AHK, Chatterbox, Doli, Dido, Dew and  Maverickshree (that is 12 of them right.. Phew). So go on ladies take up the tag.

57 thoughts on “Sinfully me

  1. Wow!! You couldn’t get more sinful than this!! Staying alone in your hostel was sinful enough, and then you added you stay in office way past midnight!!
    Retaining your name is blasphemous 🙂
    The makeup hating, jewelry hating, shipping hating official ‘read the instruction manual and figure out how things will fit together’ ‘Chipkali Chaser’ you are a sister in sin 🙂

    I love going through instruction manuals and I am the one who is in responsible for all the gadgets at home too 🙂

      1. Total sinner there, I kept my last name after marriage, OMG and u know I’m living in with AB at least that is what the postman, the courier guys, the electricians, the plumbers, the census folks, the phone guys, the cable people.. they refer me as Sir’s friend….

        God!! ROFL, the absence of a mangalsutra or those toe rings or those national dress called the nightie, or any traditional indian stuff makes me not a wife or a woman.. goodness, my dormant Y is acting up, XX duo wonder what they will do 😛

    1. LOL IHM. I remembered one more: I worked overnight at office once during a phone system upgrade project – and I was 7 months pregnant at that time!! The more I remember these things, the more I realize that I am not going to get entry even in hell for my sins 😀 Will be like Trishanku :D:D

      1. I did too once..stay overnight at work, working. Day started at 9:00 in the morning and I went home the next day at 7:00. All set to return back in a couple of hours.

        But I was not hats of on that one 🙂

  2. I’m nodding to everything, as sinful as your are 😛 :P, even the alone in the hostel for a night 😀

    Makeup, Ahaa!! U know one of my roommates was heavily into beauty care, those facepacks three times a day, makeup must while stepping out… she used to apply those facepacks on me while she did, and nudged me to wash it off when it was dry… she gave me packs to apply at home during holidays…and when I did try once or twice, DJ and MJ checked my temperature, they got angry at me infact 😛 😛

      1. Righto very righto… 😀 😀 Too much effort!!

        But I had glowing skin when I was home after her daily treatment for 4 months 😀 😛

  3. Hostel life is indeed fun…me had a blast too..I’m not scared of chipkalis…but am not a chipkali chaser either 😛
    And I love shopping…more for others actually…when I shop for myself I’m very confused 😛
    Most of us have written the no make-up look…we’re all plain Janes is it?? 😀 😉

  4. I like the 10th point,I am the official driver in the house’.V man(hubby) knows but is kinds tensed :0.Also chipkali chaser woot woot on that one! i would scream and run out of the hostel as i am scary poo when it comes to staying alone.So,girl kudoos on that one to you! Jai ho to that!

    1. I don’t mind staying alone..never have..infact when D goes on his weekend trips I fill them up with so many things to do..that I don’t even have to sleep a good night sleep. 😀 😀

      1. i am not tagged but doing this anyway..very cool. this post…right after my heart..i am not alone…seems like i have swarms of people as my support group:)…working jewellery..not fond of shopping unless it is for my niece..travelling dad’s name still tags mine..even seen movies alone with no one in the theater..climbing trees and falling off seeing my dad around..(he was a strict one)…dont do that now as i need to lose these pounds:):)..enjoyed this post..

  5. ohhh how did i miss this post :O:O

    Chipkali chaser…. hehee me tooooooooo YO…!!
    loved reading ur tag comfyy 🙂 thanks for tagging me…i’l take it up 🙂

  6. hehe.. thats a nice list you have got!
    I’m with you on the last name thing! , and lol @ chipkali chaser 🙂
    10 point…very much agree … but i dont know to drive yet 😦 Hoping i’ll get there soon!

  7. Awesome list! Chipkali chaser, ugh! That is one thing I am a TOTAL girl about! 😮
    Argh, I am even more impatient now, but I promised I wont do the tag till I read all my pending blog posts on reader :(!

  8. Loved reading your sins! 😀

    yea, I didn’t take on the husband’s name either after marriage! So many comments for that one! Uff!!
    Loved your list of “sins” Comfy! way to go!! 😀

  9. U Sinner….!!!

    Hawww…last name ….shame shame…we are sisters in sin…i also chase the chipkali’s while @ home coz my 6″2 husband is scared of them! Ufff…!

    And here comes my brilliant analysis of the day: If u wear make up – u dont have time to blog…that explains why almost all of us have that one of our list…we are just jealous plain janes 😀

  10. Aww Thanks for tagging me!! Now I have to think hard of my ten things, I am quite a girly phirly girl 😦 though I dont like dressing up, I love to drive….ohhh I might just have ten things in me hehe

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