Wordless Wednesday – XXIX

What are the two of them saying to each other. Best dialogue wins a badge. The final one at that..


82 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XXIX

  1. L: Mountain on the left, R: Mountain on the right

    R: 34587…
    L: {yawn}
    L: Hey, what’s the time?
    R: 34589…
    L: {shrugs, whistles}
    R: 34590… 34591… 34592…
    L: Enough! We know there are 34892 crows here, do you HAVE TO count every single day?
    R: Huh! Is there anything else to do? 34593…

  2. Mountain 1 to mountain 2 : bade achhe lagte hai…yeh dharti ..yeh nadiya…yeh raina..

    Mountain 2 : aur??

    Mountain 1 : Aur tum 😛

  3. The taller one and the slightly shorter peak singing: lamboo jee lamboo jee, bolo tingoo jee…from that Amitabh and Rishi Kapoor movie.

    btw is it Mt. Shasta?

    1. I use to love that song as a kid 🙂

      No that is not Mt. Shasta.. Actually I don’t know what the name of this is.. but I am sure this is not Mt. Shasta..since this is in Canada

  4. Moutain R with nose (aka peak) pointed towards heaven: Please god never let Revs see me?
    Mountain L with bashed up nose: Yes Yes…Pray hard
    Comfy: why what did my poor lill baby do

    Mountain R: She mistook mountain L’s snow as a poonal and thought Mountain L was a Tam Brahh and bashed him up…Now since i have snow on me…Scared is coming!
    Continues praying hard….

        1. actually comfy, i think the mountains are in trouble. for all we know, revs is already there, hammering away 😛

  5. Let me give a try even though I know I suck at these things.
    1. “Akele hain to kya gum hain ; chahe to hamare bus me kya nahi …bus ek jara saath ho tera ” both singing each other.
    2. Sleeping Buddha. ( if the shape of second mountain looks like a human face )

    The place looks heavenly. But hey I am missing your travel posts. Why you stopped them ?

  6. Mountain 2: Dude, why don’t you use Garnier wrinkle lift cream.. Those lines look ugly.. I can’t bear to look at you all day

    Mountain 1: Those products are a scam man.. There is nothing better than tree cover to protect me from the sun.. I wish those humans would realise that.

    Mountain 2: If they had that much sense would they have invented such (scam) products in the first place 😛

  7. Here goes :
    Mountain 1: “Arre, how is that your peaks are sharper than mine?”
    Mountain 2(proudly): “I use Camlin Sharpeners. They are the best.”

    Mountain 1: “As I was saying, yesterday, that guy called Tenzing climbed up..”
    Mountain 2: “Wait. That’s not yesterday. That was forty six years ago.”
    Mountain 1: “Goodness! Time flies around here, doesn’t it?”

    Mountain 1 to 2 : “Pass the Vicks inhaler, will ya? I’ve got a freaking cold.”

    Mountain 1 : “If I pretend to be a volcano, will these trekking club idiots leave us alone?”
    Mountain 2 : “May be. But it isn’t easy to be a volcano”
    Mountain 1 : “It is. I just have to pass gas fiercely. That’s all”
    Mountain 1: *Rolls eyes*

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